VOTE: which AGENDA would you buy?

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    ok, maybe don't neeeed one but...

    help me choose?

    :reading: :heart:
  2. Get something in the PM size. Perfect for the handbag, small enough to read without needed x-ray vision and the correct sized refills are easily & cheaply purchased via Filofax ;)
  3. Recently I bought one in pomme vernis, I can take my eyes off it, it's so beautiful. The only problem is I never used it...:smile:
  4. ooh! Princess Pink, :yes: sounds gooood!
    but is PM the same as Small Ring?
  5. Fairy-bag, why haven't you used it? :tumbleweed:

  6. Oh yes it is. I'm sorry, have had mine awhile and previously they were called PM. Now its simplified; small, medium and large!

    I have the "small ring" Damier. I don't like/aren't good with technology and find keeping notes, numbers, dates on phones annoying. I love my agenda, pops easily into most bags, quick reference, clear and simple. The Damier is very stylish as well for an agenda. I also like the Vernis range but its more pricey.

    My friend had a mini agenda in Vernis but she sold it, the size was too small.

    And as I mentioned before, the Filofax refills fit perfectly. The LV refills are way way overpriced.
  7. You're so helpful, Princess Pink! Thank you!! :ps:

    I'm on the filofax website but I'm not sure which are the correct refills. Would it be possible to post the direct link?
  8. I received an Iphone as a Christmas present, just some days after my purchase (which included the LV 2010 refill)...I was so stupid to not return it the store and get something else.
  9. Fairy-bag, do you find the iPhone to be sufficient as an agenda/planner? I have an iPhone as well but the iCal is useless (can't even see a whole day, let alone a weeks plans, at once.) Maybe I'm not using the right app? So far I've been usings notes to get organized but even that, it's no agenda...
  10. I like writing everything down. I have the small ring and I LOVE it! It's small enough to fit into my bag, yet I can still have room to write everything down.
  11. You're most welcome! :hugs: That's what we are here for at TPF!

    The pocket refills (6 holes) are perfect for a PM agenda.

    Hope this helps.
  12. There are quite a lot of affordable apps on the Apple store. Some are really cute and can be customized. Have a look!
    Yes, it's enough for me. Plus, when I'm not traveling, I work from home.
  13. I got the Small Damier agenda with Travel labels (green version)- AMAZING.
    Love it, very practical.

    I love the LV refills because of the golden lining :P

    Enjoy! :smile:
  14. I love LV agendas. I've used small and medium and prefer the medium. I tend to write extensive details, so I need more space than on the small ring. I found it too small to write comfortably in because my knuckles would hit the rings. Maybe you can try them out in the boutique and see which you like best.
  15. vernis