VOTE - What color should I dye my Part Time?

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  1. When I bought this bag off eBay, the pictures should the bag to be closer to white, and extremely dingy. When it showed up, it was a true "Stone" or "Sand" color... still dirty, but at least a much prettier color.

    The strap and mirror were never used - I've attached pictures of how the original color varies to the wear on the bag.

    When I first bought the bag, I had every intention of dying it black. But I'm loving the original color of the bag, and I'm wondering if there's any way for me to salvage this bag as it is - probably not, but I love the color.

    There is quite a bit of wear on the edges, they need to have Edge Kote applied for SURE and I think it only comes in black and brown, right? I've included pictures of the wear on the edges. The handles may also be beyond repair - but I wonder if I can have Bal replace them and how much that would cost?

    What would you guys do? Would you attempt to salvage the original color? Would you dye it black? Would you dye another color? Pipe up! Help a sister out! :smile:

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  2. Also, just to clarify, I would only replace the handles if I attempted to keep this color! If I dye it black (or another color that covers the handles) I would keep the handles as they are.

  3. Thanks for starting this thread :smile: Your bag looks much better then on the pictures from the listing.
    If I were you I would try to clean it up. It's gorgeous. Post it in Identify Thread and Saira will find out what colour it is. I can only say it's between F/W 2006 and S/S 2008 ;)
    Try some leather cleaner and let us know. Dyeing this beauty should be the last thing and only if cleaning won't work. But no, don't dye!!! :P:nuts:
  4. I really like this color. What a great neutral for spring/summer! If it were me, I'd keep it as is for now.

    You can always dye it later! Once you go black you can't go back...
  5. I use Edge Kote Fiebings - neutral. It's transparent when dry.