the most charming color!!!

  1. I love Bluberry spy the most....anyone around thinks the same?:yahoo:
  2. I'm new to Fendi and Spy bags, but so far my favorite that I've seen has to be cherry. :smile:
  3. Yeah same here:yes: but it is very hard to pick just one color lol :biggrin:
  4. fortuny and and silver/gold/../
  5. blueberry spy!!!
  6. I don't really like black bags because they look so formal and look like going-to-the-office bags. But the spy in black is so sexy:nuts: :yes: .

    I also love love the chocolate version ans the new navy one is beautiful too.

    Basically for me most of the leather colours are lovely, am not to keen on the zucca and other fabric ones except for the cracled suede and pink tulle which are just works of art:drool: . Sublime!
  7. ^sorry for such bad spelling:wacko:
  8. I think the cherry is my fav
  9. petrol!
  10. I find it nearly impossible to choose a favourite colour. I love my Cherry so much and goes brilliantly with so many colours, the Petrol is out of this world and brilliant with jeans, the Wisteria Honey is so classy and elegant and my Chocolate it just super yummy, very rich in colour and texture.
  11. such a hard choice, for pure richness, choco blows me away, but I do like a brighter coloured bag, so for that reason Petrol is incredible and certainly stands out.

    I have not seen the blueberry IRL yet, but believe that that, is stunning, but my honey goes with everything! so how can you choose!!!

    hee hee, I love them all :biggrin:
  12. My favorite is cherry, if I could find one, I would have that in a heartbeat. Next I think I like chocolate then blueberry.
  13. I will post my verdict when my next two spys arrive next week:graucho:.
  14. oh deco curious curious - cant wait to see! got a new baby coming myself so excited as well
  15. I've been looking over more bags, and while cherry is still my number one, I LOVE the chocolate colored one. I saw it in the Fendi boutique today and I love the two tone nature of it. It's gorgeous. For spending that much money on a bag, I'd want it to go with everything. After that though, I love the green, and Petrol and Denim and..geez, I want them all. *L*

    This is off topic, but I was amazed at how lightweight the bags are. For some reason I thought they would be heavier.