VOTE VOTE!!! So SnoSno doesn't make a NoNo!!~


Which Bag to Break the Ban??

  1. White Patent Reissue

  2. Kelly Caviar Large

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  1. SUPPOSED to be on a purse BAN :banned: for the damages done last month.....and I have been good......:sweatdrop: BUT!!! Reading all the lovely new posts of all your wonderful purchases just made me itch to go take a browse at CHANEL today~ ugh....and looks like I'm gona break my BAN~ and besides..the new price increase is another incentive to make a purchase.. hehehe :graucho: :p :yes:

    So ladies....I am caught in between these two which I have been eyeing for quite some time now...

    **White patent Reissue


    **Kelly Caviar (larger one)
    ~~Side question: Why is the smaller Kelly more expensive than the larger one?....and...How come the larger one doesn't come in the silver h/w?? seller wasn't clear with me on which items will increase... ne one know for certain if either of these two r on the list to go up? (with my luck.. they probably both will) :yucky: :push:

    Thanks ladies!!! :lol:
  2. white patent reissue is hard to get a hold of, so if u dig the color, grab it before it's gone! It could help us if we know your handbag collection ;')
  3. I bought these two Kelly's last month, both Silver HW, small in Lambskin - $1450, large in Caviar - $1565


    there was also another taller, more square shaped Kelly in Caviar with Gold HW for $1595 that I didn't buy - there are a few recent threads about Kelly's on here also!
  4. If you're looking to add to your collection I'd say go with the White Patent Reissue, since you already have 2 Kellys.
  5. white patent reissue for sure
    and its a shoulder bag as well
    your Kellys are to be handheld? and you do have 2............
  6. uh ... where did the OP say she has two Kelly's already? I posted the pic of the two ... ??? did I miss something?
  7. Oh, definitely the white patent reissue! You probably already knew that was going to be my answer, right? :p Go handle your business and please post pics for us to drool over. This would be a perfect addition to your already TDF collection! :love:
  8. reissue.
  9. the reissue!
  10. White Patent Reissue !!!! 'coz it's so limited, and will be classic FOREVER !
  11. My vote goes to white patent reissue too! White + patent is a TDF combination imo :p:p
  12. I just saw the white patent reissue, it was TDF!
  13. UPDATE!!!

    So, now I'm confused....kuz I swear I saw members on TPF with the larger Kelly cav with SILVER h/w...and all the sellers at my CHANEL deny that it ever came like that!~ grrr.... So, if I want to prove them wrong..I think I'm gona need solid proof of the style #, etc.... to all you larger kelly cav silver hw owners...please tell me where u were able to grab ur beauties.. :sneaky:

    My store currently HAS the White Pat Reissue and the kelly with gold which I can grab by this week....I don't wana risk the price increase risk... but by the vote it looks like many of you favor the reissue... hehehe

    Many of u asked which I currently have... I DO NOT own ne kellys yet.. I have the classic flaps in jumbo (black crackled patent, white cav...etc) no reissues..yet ... so I am still TORN between them beauties~

    THANK YOU for all the replies and votes! ...really does help a girl decide! :push: :flowers:
  14. I am going to be the oddball and go with the Kelly bag.
  15. lol! that's what i was thinking too.

    the patent reissue will be harder to find, but then white patent sometimes has the tendency to yellow over time, so i'm gonna be an oddball too :pand say 'kelly!'