Vote: The ultimate versatile and timeless handbag

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  1. I've been thinking about it recently and I realized what I really want to perfect my small collection of designer handbags is the ultimate handbag one that is absolutely classic and thus timeless, but there are so many bags I'm feeling overwhelmed. I will say I'm not nearly in the Hermes category yet so that's the only line that really off limits and probably Botegga Veneta as well which is fine because I'm not overly fond of their styling. Feel free to name your ultimate classic tote or bag. I will add that I do have to wear professional dress everyday so I don't want something too flashy and crazy...
  2. Chanel Flap - one that I've always admired, but have yet to get for myself! She NEVER goes out of style!
  3. I agree with the Chanel Flap. But, if you want it for everyday usage I would suggest a Chanel Jumbo Flap or if you carry books or folders with you a Chanel Cerf. Both are classic and timeless.
  4. Agreed ladies....utterly classic and timeless. I was and am already leaning toward a chanel bag, but I'm not sure how functional and durable it would be....
  5. motorcycle bags from balenciaga
  6. please keep it coming ladies.....
  7. Louis Vuitton Trevi GM...the canvas will last forever, and the shape is vintage, classy, and upscale. Can't wait to get one.:heart:
  8. --Chanel Jumbo Flap ( i like how it can be worn 4 different ways, depending on the chain handles)
    --LV monogram bag (classic style like speedy, neverfull, batignolles)
  9. Chanel Jumbo Flap
    LV Cabas Mezzo or Speedy 30
  10. Mulberry Bayswater in Oak or Chocolate Darwin...I just love that bag
  11. Def a Chanel Flap or a classic from LV e.g. Speedy but i prefer shoulder straps to hand-carry style
  12. At the moment I'm carrying my new Balenciaga Twiggy. I never feel the need for 'timeless' bags. Also, if I had to carry files and so on I'd carry them separately.
  13. Another Chanel jumbo,
    or LV speedy...
  14. Chanel Cerf tote, because it's a classic and a great bag for work (without too many logos).
  15. Can't agree more.