VOTE..POLE: caviar purple or cornflower blue lambskin? Medium Classic~!!!

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  1. Ladies..I need help....either corn flower blue in lamb skin or purple in caviar...both classic medium....or should I go for jumbo purple lambskin?

    I hate myself for being so indecisive......

    But i do not have enough $ for both~!!!!

    Your help needed and appreciated~!!!!
  2. Purple medium caviar gets my vote!
  3. If you can only get one, I'd go for the purple jumbo.
  4. Purple!!
  5. purple!!!!!
  6. purple lambskin jumbo!!!
  7. Purple caviar in either medium or jumbo.
  8. thanks you folks are all just so great!:heart: ;)
  9. another vote for purple!
  10. Purple. The colour is so vibrant. Just gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. Purple :love: .
  12. Purple all the way!
  13. Purple caviar! :yes:
  14. Purple!!
  15. Purple