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rouge vif or rose pink 06?

  1. sell vif city

  2. sell pink city

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  1. Hi guys, i have 3 balenciaga city bags. white, rouge vif, and rose pink 06.
    i want to sell one of the bag. but not the white. ( because i have used it a lot , the 2 bags that i use on and off are the red vif and pink rose. i want to sell one of them, but i kinda confuse which one i should let go..?? :confused1::crybaby:( sell the pink ?? or the rouge vif???)
    i just bought 2 chanel bags last month and 1 chloe this month. so i need to sacrifice one of the balenciaga.
    i know i probably post this thread at the wrong place since y'all loveee balenciaga... :graucho:. but anyways, your input is really appreciated... thank you sooo muchhh
  2. I think Rouge VIF is such a special and versatile color...don't give it up!!!
  3. i would sell the VIF, but thats only because i love pink so much!xx
  4. Minnie, sorry to say these type of threads (selling) have been banned.
  5. I would sell the pink bag. I just love rouge and think it goes with so much more.
  6. Rouge Vif is Hot.. so i think it's definite a keeper! Good luck on deciding!
  7. pursendipity, sorry i did not know that. i dont plan to sell the bag here... (maybe one day in near future on eBay..)
    im new to this forum and thought can get some opinion from balenciaga ladies... :heart:
    thank you alll for your vote..... :p
  8. The rules are still a bit blurry to me... Can someone clarify what is not allowed? Or do we have a thread with the new rules? Sorry if I'm highjacking your thread, minnie04! :flowers:

    [edited to add: btw I voted pink city, because I think they tend to yellow]
  9. No this is not allowed, and I am shutting it down. SOrry ladies.

    All threads regarding "Should I sell this" are not permitted for right now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.