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  1. I am considering picotin 18
    " Gold vs Blue paon ?"
    And if any of you have picotin, how fo you like it?
    Im looking for a small tote for key ring, small wallet, sunglass case when i pick up my kids
  2. Blue! the smaller the bag, the more bright it can be :smile:

    actually, if you want to use it as a daily casual bag...probably look at what you have in your closet or what you were on the daily. do you think blue or gold would work better with your daily look/clothes?
  3. The pico is v adorable and fab to use for errands I say get it!

    What's your wardrobe like? I go for the blue paon it is a beautiful greenish blue and love bright colored picos
  4. oh blue!!!!!!
  5. #5 Apr 29, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
    I love to get bright coloured pico, however i think blue paon is more green than i am considering gold as its the colour i can't go wrong.
    I wear lots of black, grey, white

    Another option is getting a rose jaipur gp30

    Pico blue paon 18 vs pico 18 gold vs GP30 RJ
  6. Love my picotin, so cuteand easy to wear. You won't regret this purchase.

    Gold if you want a bag to blend in and blue if you want a happy pop of colour.
  7. As much as I want to say blue paon, I think it should be gold for your first Pico. It will match everything. The GP is nice too but lined in canvas. I prefer the look of natural leather on the inside like the Pico. I have 3 picos. All MM size and love them to death. Orange could be another fun pop color that's neutral or a dark red like rouge grenat or rubis
  8. May i ask what colours do you have? Any pictures you can share if its not too much of asking? TIA
  9. Yes I do want pico at least one in my H collection.
  10. Gold! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
    I don't have a Picotin....yet but I have tried it on in several colours and gold is my favourite.
  11. I just purchased a gold Picotin MM and I adore it.
  12. I just purchased this size from the online boutique. It is Blue Paon. I should have it soon, I will come back to this thread and post a pic for you. It is a small bag, which I adore anyway. But I say go for a pop of color. Smaller bags are so cute in nice pops of color, especially since it is spring. :smile:

    ETA: I don't think it would be my only, I skipped on a black. So maybe my next might be in a more neutral color.
  13. As much as i love gold, i still dont have H in gold, so i would probably go for Gold.
    but at the same time, i want A kelly or birkin in gold...dilema 😭😅😂
  14. I am glad that many people are enjoying pico in any sizes.
    I just want something small tote which i can chuck essetials and pull access easily.
  15. Please please do post a picture!!!!! I ask for reservation on both blue paon & gold. But cant gtee they will in in same shipment. Thats Y i want to make a decision prior.....
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