VOTE please!!!

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  1. Im going to ask my next purchase to my SA....
    Kelly Etoupe or Kelly Gold? 28 or 32?
    Both GHW im thinking.....

    Current H bags
    B30 black 30 ghw
    B30 taupe 30 phw
    K28 blue thalassa phw
    K32 orange ghw
    Jige curry
    Constance Vermillion ghw
  2. Kelly Gold 32.
  3. +1
  4. +2

    or a green or purple
  5. Another vote for gold
    Since you already got taupe
    As for size you know best you owned both
  6. +3
  7. Kelly Gold 28
  8. +1
  9. If you are going with GHW I would suggest Gold I agree with bagidiotic you know the best size for you!
  10. Thank you everyone, i love gold however i was thinking garden party in gold as well.
    It is more casual colour i can wear more often & less careful....than b or k
    Sorry very indecisive 😅😅😅😅
  11. Gold kelly for sure, 28 or 32 are both nice, I personally prefer the 32.
  12. Gold Kelly!
  13. Gold 28 and ghw definitely
  14. Étoupe 28 GHW😍
  15. Gold 32