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Choose one!

  1. Blue de preusse with PHW 35 cm Birkin

  2. Graphite Jypserie with PHW

  3. Neither, wait for another one

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  1. Time to put the rubber to the road. I need input and help.

    Choice is between:
    1.) The graphite Jypserie.
    2.) BDP 35 cm Togo Birkin
    3.) For a future purchase

    I already have Cafe clemence 40 cm and Black Togo GHW.

    Please choose one. Thank you in advance! My concern is that I love the J but am worried about the investment value. The cost of the 35 cm Birkin and the Jypserie is the same.
  2. I vote for Bleu de Prusse!
  3. What are you looking for in this next bag? Is there a specific reason the Jypserie fits for you? What about another bag? Sorry just wondering...:shrugs:
  4. you look great with the jypsiere, but it sounds like you are not in love. if you aren't then wait for something you will love.
  5. Np. I have 2 Birkins (black and cafe). I was looking to diversify in colors. I hadn't thought about the functionality much till I tried on the Jypserie to realize how useful and modern this bag is.

    I am worried about the investment value for sure. I tried the kelly it is nice but perhaps too feminine for me. Very nice 28 cm in Box with PHW.

    I don't like the lindy or the evelyn or the SO kelly. This one is the only one that caught my attention.
  6. Are you still planning to get a red birkin too? If not, I would say keep the jypsiere (you sounded so excited about it in your reveal, I have to believe your gut reaction was love at first sight!) and get the blue de prusse birkin too. Or keep the jypsiere, skip the blue de prusse, and get the red birkin. Obviously I'm no help!
  7. ^^LOL ... Just get everything!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:Yeah get everything!!

  9. TBH, I love the Jypserie. It feels like me if that makes sense. it is modern and somehow I think it will be the classic for the modern woman on the go.

    I am thinking of the same thing, 2 Birkins, 1 Jypserie, and maybe a red Birkin--TBD.
  10. LOL! Yeah right! I already need to bring out the knee pads! To me, BDP was ok. I think my rational side is kicking in and going OMG get the Birkin!!!

    My emotional side is OMG, the Jypserie is perfect.
  11. ^^that's what I thought when I saw your reveal. If you feel comfortable with it on, then for you it is a good investment because you will actually use it everyday. And, yes, it looks terrific on you!
  12. ^^^ I think the lady who walked in the store asking me how luxury goods are doing in the current economic environment has freaked me out a little. Normally, I don't question my own reaction. I am the type who knows what she wants and how to get it. It is just that it was so odd, here I was wearing an expensive bag and there she was asking me how the luxury goods are doing...
  13. <My emotional side is OMG, the Jypserie is perfect.>

    Zoopla, maybe you already have your answer??? Just remember, purses are to be used and enjoyed, and they should always speak to your heart. :heart:

  14. You've got two Bs already and the Jypsiere looks so fantastic on you and will serve a different purpose so my vote goes for J :yes: Not mentioning how excited you sounded about her in your reveal, love at first sight all the way :heart: You bought it for yourself and it sounds like you'll get a lot of use of her so I wouldn't drive myself crazy about future resale value. We all deserve a little luxury in life and that comes with a price tag ;) Think what YOU want and what YOU will enjoy the most... to me it sounds like the Jypsiere is the right one for you right now :yes:
  15. Thanks LeMonde. Well said. You are right, I should totally enjoy it! I am so lucky to have her!!!! on to a red Azap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!