Dec 7, 2014
Kelly Danse VS Birkin Sellier 25
I don’t have both spec in my collection and love to add both eventually.
But which one first? Do you think Birkin sellier is a seasonal spec?
Help me to choose from.
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Aug 30, 2010
Do you already have a birkin? If not, then my vote goes to Birkin Sellier 25. If you already have a Birkin retourne style then my vote goes for kelly danse. Not sure if birkin sellier is going to be a seasonal spec, the experts here can help you with that.


Mar 1, 2011
I would choose B25 sellier over Kelly Danse in most instances but to be honest I am not sold on the colour Vert Criquet. I think B25 seller looks better in a more classic colour and one that can transition from day to night as it is quite a formal bag. If you love Vert Criquet as a colour take the Birkin otherwise I would go for Kelly Danse and wait for another B25 sellier.
I have seen more B25 sellier than I expected to see on social media, so I think it may stay for a while? But I have no inside information, maybe someone else does. If it truely is a seasonal piece I would take the B25 sellier.


IG: quadruple_ec
Mar 7, 2014
Silicon Valley
I’ll pick the Birkin Sellier if I am happy with the specs... but the Kelly Danse isn’t so bad either. But like what others have said, the B Sellier might be harder to come by next time, and the K Danse is easier to get. For a B25 I think a pop of color would be nice; that would have been my first choice. But I got offered a B30 noir and I love it. Never seriously considered the K Danse though.