Vote please! What do you think of this tote and wristlet combo?

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What do you think about pairing the color shell wristlet with the navy fish tote?

  1. I like the combo, they look great together!

  2. I don't think that they look good together at all!

  3. Return the coral shell wristlet and hold out for a blue fish wristlet

  4. Keep both but don't carry them together

  5. Return both, and don't wear either of them!

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
    In early August I bought the Audrey Motif Canvas Cinched Navy Fish Tote 19574 at the outlet for $150 (MSRP = $358) to use on my October Carribbean vacation. The bag I got was the only blue fish tote they had and they didn't have any fish wristlets. However, they also had the coral-colored shell totes and wristlets and the yellow sun totes and wristlets.

    The navy fish tote was my favorite but my second favorite was the coral shell tote and wristlet. After I got home I started thinking that I might like a navy fish wristlet to go with my tote, so I called the local outlets several times but they never got any in. I also checked ebay and there were only a few fish wristlets available but I hesitated to get one. They were kind of pricey ($90 to $100 plus S&H) and I would not be able to return it for a full refund if I didn't like the combo after I got it.

    I was in Orlando earlier this week for work and I had planned to take my blue fish tote with me but decided against it at the last moment because rain and thunderstorms were predicted all week. I was also worried that it might not be appropriate for a business conference. After I got there and saw the CEO of my company walking around carrying a legacy striped Poppy Glam Tote, I really wished that I had brought my beautiful fish tote! And the weather wasn't all that bad either, oh well!

    Anyway, It was a busy week but I managed to grab a few hours one afternoon and spent $4 round trip on bus fare to visit the Vineland Premium Coach outlet. They had many lovely bags and other items on sale with the 30% off coupon but nothing that really grabbed me. I was getting ready to leave when I spotted a coral-colored Audrey Motif Canvas Cinched Shell Wristlet 47268 for $49.56 (MSRP = $118).

    It was the only FP delete beach wristlet that they had and the SA told me that they had never received any items in the blue fish pattern. (I'm wondering if JAX has got crates of the blue items lost somewhere in the warehouse and they will flood the outlets in 9 months when they finally find them!)

    Well, I bought the coral wristlet thinking that the colors were complimentary, and they are both made of similar materials, and each has white leather trim, brass hardware and silvery sequins.

    Now that I see them together I kind of like the contrast and wonder if the blue wristlet would have been too "matchy, matchy" if I had been lucky enough to find one. On the other hand, maybe I am wrong and there is just too much color and bling going on here! I just don't know!

    What do you think? Please vote in the poll and give me your opinions, thanks!
    CoralShellWristletAndBlueFishToteCoach001.jpg CoralShellWristletAndBlueFishToteCoach002.jpg CoralShellWristletCoach001.jpg CoralShellWristletCoach002.jpg CoralShellWristletCoach008.jpg
  2. Beautiful together!! - I think even better than if you had the fish one.
  3. I absolutely think both items work together, they're in the same family! Congrats!
  4. I love it! Makes me want to go to the beach!

    My thoughts are to keep wristlets (coral shell wristlet and get blue fish wristlet). Exchange Audrey Motif Canvas Cinched Navy Fish Tote with a LEATHER Audrey tote.
  5. I like the contrast!
  6. I think they're beautiful together! The coral reminds me more of shells lying on the beach and it's very complimentary to the blue, ocean feel of the tote. And I absolutely love the sequin pattern on both, gives the feeling of waves glistening, so well!
  7. I like both and I like that they're from the same family, but I'm not liking the two colors together. If only the shell wristlet had also come in blue!
  8. They compliment each other because one is a fish and they other a shell. If they were the same fish/shell in different colors I would tend to say they'd clash. Besides, the wristlet will mostly be INSIDE the bag until you take it out. It all boils down to what you like. IMHO, what you carry IN your bag matters less than what you would hang on the OUTSIDE of the bag. Fashion designers have disdain for matchy-matchy anyway!
  9. The leather audrey totes are beautiful but I was looking more for a seaside holiday "fun" bag, but thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought of that option!
  10. thanks, I think I do too!
  11. Hmmm. I wonder if the yellow sun wristlet would be "more neutral" with the blue tote?
  12. You're making me feel me so ready for vacation!!! Thanks!
  13. that's true, thanks!
  14. Is this the on you mean?
  15. I like this combo. Coral and blue, especially dark blues like navy, go very very well together. Coral and navy were in all the stores this summer.