VOTE PLEASE: Tivoli or Montorguiel


Which bag do u like the most? (Best looking )

  1. Tivoli

  2. Montorguiel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hello ladies. thought i would get ur opinions pls.

    ok- ive been waiting for eva for the tivoli (its kinda getting depressing...kwim..) so off i go to here (TPF-Spring Collection!:graucho:) and lo and behold there r a few purty things... ok. i like the speedy watercolor 35. (note to self- call and place myself on list:shame:smile: and then i see this montorguiel.... and i love the look! this bowly has become MY ICONIC STYLE! (because its functional for me)

    so, regardless of size, (at the moment) just based on looks alone... (:rolleyes:)
    which one do u prefer.....

    pls and thank u. :yes:oh - and if anyone has some more pics of this lovely montoguiel- pls post! thx in advance!:love::heart:
  2. tivoli by far..
    I don't know but I really dislike the shape of the montorguiel!
    But that's just me....go for the one you desire more!
    but i think you are gonna adore tivoli...:tup:
    Good luck suzie
  3. Trivoli is way more interesting
  4. I vote Tivoli. I adore the pleats on it:yes:
  5. Definitely tivoli !
  6. wow! first 4 are all tivoli! thx ladies! oh i wish i could actually see both at the same time!!! ( imean both in my hands!!!) hehehehe!
  7. ~Without a doubt-Def. TIVOLI. The Montorgueil doesn't move me at all. I've seen Tivoli GM numerous times IRL and every single time I'm absolutely convinced that Tivoli:love: is the Mono BAG TDF!!! The pleats-ahhhh, the pleats...Hopefully, I should get mine soon~
  8. I have Tivoli GM and am waitlisted for Montorgeuil. I like the fact that there's very little vachetta on it to worry about.
  9. Tivoli for sure!!! So pretty!
  10. I like the Tivoli ... so classy looking! I'd love to get the GM one of these days.
  11. Based just on looks alone, I like the Tivoli. But I really like the Montorguiel too.
  12. I vote for montorguiel. Just becuase Tivoli is the 'IT' item for now, does not mean it fits everyone's life style. You've already mention montorguiel's design works with you better, I'd go with that :yes:
  13. tivoli is gorgeous and makes a statement
  14. I had the Tivoli GM in my hands...then I decided to put it on hold to think it through overnight...I ran into this forum and saw the Montorgueil. I have since let go of the Tivoli and waitlisted for the Montorgueil. I'm "patiently" waiting for the release of Montorgueil. For me, it is more pratical and is not as wide at the bottom. Don't get me wrong, the Tivoli is beautiful and if I could afford both, I'd be carrying that Tivoli GM while waiting for the Montorgueil...:nogood:...
  15. im waiting for the montorguiel too....