VOTE PLEASE: Most Creative Fake Fendi


Which Fake Fendi is the Most Creative??

  1. Monogram B Bag

  2. Green Selleria

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.

    Those clever folks in China have been hard at work making some of the most smashing Creations in the world of Fake Fendis to hit the Catwalk.

    This weeks candidates are over the top and blasted into fashion outerspace:


    1. Candidate #1 is a snazzy spin on the B Buckle Bag, Sort of a cross between a Mulberry Roxanne & Fendi B. Candidate features pre WWII Fendi hardware yet comes NWT, sort of a Retro thing :nuts:, how clever. Satin lining with a pocket for your cell phone, and simulated leather trim. Monogram patterned textile exterior and hallmarked hardware, so ya don't forget its a Fendi :roflmfao:

    eBay: **100% AUTHENTIC** handbag\purse.*** Brand New*** (item 270096257444 end time Mar-09-07 17:31:41 PST)

    2. Candidate #2 will make you GREEN with envy, one of those very pricey Sellerias! Bag has this strange looking braided rod thingey on the flap, perfect for keeping all your things right where they belong in a purse. Peek a Boo opening to let everyone know its a Fendi Selleria! Seller says it is even more green than in the photos, not sure if that makes it an 06 Lime or a 71 dayglo green :confused1: Ooops, must be 06, comes with a cell phone pocket and a tag. Not a hologram tag silly, probably says Made in China! This popular bag received 8 bids before auction close under reserved amount, maybe seller will relist it? We can only hope:roflmfao:


    eBay: BRIGHT GREEN FENDI PURSE/HANDBAG (item 170087716525 end time Mar-09-07 08:09:35 PST)


    Next weeks Candidates will Vy for uggliest Fake Fendi:

    1. [​IMG]



    OO0000PS! SORRRY , Those are real Fendis aren't they?
  2. I don't like fakes, and don't like to draw attention to them, so I pass.

    But I will vote on the ugly poll.
  3. OMG, that monogram B is the most freeeeeeeaking hilarious bag I've seen in a long time:roflmfao:
  4. :sick: fakes
  5. OMG! I was cracking up when I saw those! I'll go with the monogram B!

  6. Candidate # 1 is actually not supposed to be a b-bag it is a bad copy of the tape collection. I can't find a pic of the real one but it is from this collection:[​IMG]

    But nothing beats the "green selleria". That is horrible!
  7. hahahahahhhaah they both made me burst out laughing.. how funny
  8. They are ugly.
  9. how will anyone be taken in with them!
  10. lol :throwup:
  11. The first bag is eek!
  12. I saw some really bad ones that I just had to post:



    I thought they were pretty funny!
  13. Fendilover,
    I'm sure you think they are funny, but those of us who help folks on the Authenticate this Fendi thread, get purses like these submitted by would-be buyers from time to time! Some of the bags are seriously ugly :yucky:
  14. I didn't mean to offend anyone by posting the pics and saying that they were funny. I'm sure that people do post this stuff in that thread and it is great that you guys all chip in to help them. Unfortunately and fortunately, I work for Fendi, so I really can't post any comments in that thread b/c we are not allowed to authenticate anything and I don't want to get fired for doing so. That is why I stay out of that thread. Major rule for Fendi employees and really most designer stores.