Vote Please!!! Halzan VS Jypsiere

Halzan 31 VS Jypsiere 31

  • Halzan 31

    Votes: 74 63.2%
  • Jypsiere 31

    Votes: 44 37.6%

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Dec 7, 2014
Hello all!!!!
After carrying B and Ks most of times, I found need of cross body/ roomy bags from hermes.
Recently I visited store and tried both and I like both :smile: but just want to add one cross body bag for now. No Evie for me. Doesn't work ....

Need to use for work, travel, shopping ( I have 3 kids)

What do you guys think?
Oct 19, 2008
Northern Virginia
I've owned both. The 31 jypsiere is a bit heavier and feels more substantial. It's more like a Kelly/Birkin. My Halzan is the original style that is unfinished on the inside, so I view it more like an Evelyne.

The one feature I don't like about the Halzan is that the 4 outer pocket are identical, so I'm always fumbling to remember in which pocket that I put stuff.

The Jypsiere phone pocket doesn't fit my phone. Personally, I like the 28 Jypsiere the best. But you do need to streamline.
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Mar 29, 2008
I was in the exact same boat last year. I love the look of the jypsiere and how it lays/looks against the body.....but I found the long front flap to be extremely annoying and unpractical for getting into and out of the bag quickly. I then looked at the berline since the front flap is shorter, but it just does not hang as nicely on the body as the jypsiere. I ended up purchasing a gold halzan and have absolutely no regrets. I use it as a shoulder carry, hand carry, or cross body. Most versatile H bag in my collection.

Good luck with your decision!


Jun 22, 2007
+1 for Halzan

I also have 3 kids and the Halzan is by far my most functional Hermes bag. When unbuckled, it's really easy to get into and out of and because it folds over. I am relieved that the contents don't spill all over the place when my boys accidentally knock it over (it happens more often that I like but that's life). I also love all the compartments (for carrying Legos, wipes, sunnies, kid snacks, etc). Plus, it's much cheaper than the Jypsiere. When I'm traveling and need a little more security, I can buckle it up and love that it's low key.


Apr 17, 2012
I love love love the look of a Jypsiere and have one in orange. However, I'd have to agree that it's not the most functional bag to get in and out of with kids. It costs roughly as much as the Kelly and if I wanted to go that route, I'd get a big floppy kelly instead and then pair it with a cross body strap. Hermes is actually coming out with S collection of straps in September too. Much easier to get in and out of than Jypsiere. I'm afraid I don't like the look of the Halzan as I'm more of a minimalist but can see how all the pockets are functional. IMG_1491118440.359797.jpg


Sep 19, 2008
I'm in the market for a halzan, it's a lot more minimalist. I love my 31 jyp tho but l have slapped myself in the face with that flap several times ( bag on table or on lap)
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