Vote Please: Big Fat Liar Contest !!


Which Seller is the Biggest Fat LIAR?

  1. The Horse Mouth!

  2. Bigamist's Bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    If I'm ever bored or need a little entertainment -- there are always the fakes on eBay and the sappy stories these scammers cook up to get me laughing...:roflmfao:

    So let me know your opinion on the auctions of the week: Which of these is the BIGGEST FAT LIAR :confused1: ?

    1. HORSES MOUTH: Candidate #1 is selling an Authentic Fendi Selleria "Horse" Bag (somehow the word "equestrian" or Borghese is not in her vocabulary) Seller states this bag cost $1800 at Neimans and she is selling her beloved Fendis to save her Home after her Husband died leaving mountains of Debt! Poor lady, maybe we should help her out :wtf: !

    She may even sell you that incredibly fake Spy bag sitting next to the Selleria as well...such a deal:rolleyes:

    2. The Bigamists Bag: Candidate #2 can't bear to look at this Spy Bag that was preordered from Neimans by her Ex Fiancee who she discovered was MARRIED! OMG! :wtf:
    She has the Neimans receipts and everything, too bad it's a clearly Fake Bag...Forget that he's a fake bag is grounds for DIVORCE!!


    BTW...honorable mention goes to this fake purchased at Beverly Hills center for $2100....Seller states please don't ask if its real....of course its real -- fake bag that is...:roflmfao:

    PS: I do apologize to those who don't care to mention fakes at TPF....its only entertainment! :shrugs:
  2. I'm not sure which one appalls me even more! LOL! I have to say that the Bigamist will take it for me. I'm surprised you didn't put up the baby blue spy or the pink spy! :nuts: :nuts:
  3. the bigamist - i'm not the greatest at spotting a fake spy, but that one is SO obvious
  4. I clearly need to vote for #2 based on ebay username alone!

    the stolen spy wand pics are also a nice touch.
  5. Faint! Can I vote for both all hands and feet up.
  6. I voted for the 1rst but both are so ridiculous !!!!
    LOL !!!!!!!
  7. This is a GREAT thread baglady!
  8. horses mouth looks really fake and i dont even know much about fendi...
  9. Hahaha, so much for keeping personal matters personal. =P I think I'm going with miss "horsebag".
  10. :roflmfao: Both inventive reasons but I vote for the first one only because it is designed to pull at your heart handbag strings, that her beloved Fendi's may end up on the street having to Fend for themselves and all she really wants is a loving home for her beloved Fendi's maybe she would have more luck if she called her auction "Who Will Love My Fendi's"
  11. I wonder if bigamist wore it out all 5 times with the fake yellow tag still attatched? lol
  12. This is an entertaining thread, but can anyone tell me why ebay won't pull these sob stories with these low fb sellers but will kill the real deals in a minute?
  13. Oh, I vote the mountains of debt lady, she not only killed off her spouse but is losing her home & the bag is fugly besides.....
  14. these are sooo funny, what a great thread.

    Reminds of when carrie says, im gonna be a bag lady, a fendi bag lady, but a bag lady none the less :biggrin:

    im still chuckling
  15. My vote goes to Horses Mouth but they are all hilarious.
    I can't believe there are people bidding on these :noggin: