Vote on this pre-sale Gucci, I can't decide!


Should I buy it?

  1. Yes, buy it!

  2. No way!

  3. It's ok, I'm neutral.

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  1. Ok ladies I put this Gucci purse aside at the Neimans pre-sale. What do you all think? I have the purse in black, but I could only find a photo of the beige purse. I'm planning on wearing it with black and brown outfits, as well as outfits that have black and some other darker color for work and casual. Thanks for your opinions!

  2. Hmmm tough! I really prefer the beige to the black and the large size. That beige large one is TDF!! Sorry I'm no help, get it if you love it!
  3. It's not my style. But if you love it then go for it. Goodluck! :biggrin:
  4. get it, I like the shape.
  5. It's a great-looking bag! I say get it!
  6. I Love That Bag, I Wanted To Get It Too But Have To Say I Prefer :fl The Beige To The Black As Well.
  7. VERY nice! Why not especially if it's going on sale!
  8. I want the black one!ssooooooo bad! Its so cute IRL! CONGRATS**running to the phone to call NM.....***!!
  9. Yesss!...I agree!! I saw this bag IRL on a woman in Nordstroms the other day. BTW, I never cared for this particular bag with the scarf but, seeing it IRL in black....I couldn't take my eyes off of it, really gorgeous! I'd get it, especially if it's on sale!!...what are you waiting for?!
  10. is it 30 off since it is monogram?
  11. Its 25% off at Neimans, Gucci should have it at 30% off, if you can still find it.

    I really hope you get it Jill! Let us know!
  12. It's not my favorite style. I'm not a big fan of bags that come with scarves.
  13. I love bags with scarves... I'm not a huge fan of the print, but I think it can look great with so many outfits too!
  14. Get it!! The black one is stunning! :yes:
  15. I guess it's really up to you. If you like it you should get it!