Vote! Need Help Massais, etc

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  1. okay...I need the expert help...what do you guys think...

    keep in mind....I have this...

    Birkin raisin 35cm
    Birkin brighton blue 30cm
    Kelly black chevre 32cm
    soon to be Rouge Garance 35cm Birkin

    just decided and I am on the list for....37cm Clemance Black Bolide..... what massai should I get. I want something I can bum around in...take it to the grocery store, travel, goes with everything, etc

    Orange or a Brown.

    and orange swift or orange clemance.

    and if I do brown...does swift look good in brown? It might have too much sheen?

    what do you think?
  2. How about evergrain? I've tried the Masai in this leather and it's much lighter than clemence.
  3. ^^ I second this. I tried the Massai in evergrain too, perfect! I am thinking brown.....
  4. i like brown. i tried on a havanne swift kelly and i wasn't a fan but i know a lot of people like swift. what about indigo? i love indigo and it's a great neutral color.
  5. chocolate brown or ebene in evergrain would be a knockout!
  6. swift and brown swift is available.

    I like the evergrain but Socal told me the corners wear fast on it....SO since this is my bum around bag....I need something that won't do that.

    but orange swift is on hold for me and brown swift.

    so confused.

    I don't know......I am so confused.

    and I love clemance but I heard it was heavier.....and it hurts the shoulders......

    and I don't have anything in swift so this might be perfect to get swift in this because it works for a bag that is supposed to be swishy and yummy.

    so orange swift or brown swift!!

    OH NO!!!


    -orange can go with alot? this is for my casual casual days....and orange can be dressed up

    -brown is a great basic but maybe can't be dressed up as much??
  7. Which brown is it?
  8. I forgot to ask...but I think its the chocolate maybe.

    also in clemance ebene is the only brown in the massai.

    another question....a good ebay seller had a havane that I can get for under 1,500.....

    but I like getthing things from my SA but it would save a ton of know?

    but it would save money for my new can't wait for bolide!
  9. here is the one from a seller I could get ...what do you think?

    or should I get the brown swift or orange.

    its SO weird...I make decisions so fast but I have struggled with the massai for a long time!

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  10. I am not a huge fan of havanne in chevre...unsure about it in evergrain...

    Orange would certainly POP! Would be a "fun" bag...

    Brown is likely to coordinate, compliment most wardrobe options...would be more subtle...classy...

    Have seen the massai in bright red, bj, gold, black, brown... I am somewhat partial to black...that picture of CBK did me in... I do think it is a bag that must be tried on in specific leather/color combos to feels quite different when colors change...
  11. Saw your later post...I think ebene would be gorgeous!!! Do you have 500% confidence in the eBay seller and his/her merchandise??? I am partial to in-store purchases, but can certainly relate to your interest in a great price...
  12. I know its hard!!

    I love in red and brighton blue but I have or will have those soon in birkins.

    I want something fun but that I can wear with alot.

    I don't wear brown much....but I feel I can wear it with my black outfits, etc with no problem.

    why is it so hard for me?? I picked my other things out quickly....with ease. but the massai is giving me a hard time.

    black seems nice but I want a black bolide now....
  13. Yes, ebene is just yummy!
  14. Indigo?
  15. so brown=more neutral for people

    and brown will give me no problems in wearing all the time

    orange will pop and go with alot....but.....not everything.

    if they made it in cafe clemance I would do it..but they don' I can't!

    I go back and forth. I want orange I want brown I want orange.
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