vote : is it fair to compare kate moss with sienna miller?


who's more stylish? is it kate moss? or sienna miller?

  1. kate moss

  2. sienna miller

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  1. i've been reading the magazines lately where the media is praising sienna for her style. they claimed her as uber chic when she's just known because of her relationship with jude law, before she's just a nobody.
    while i see that she's copying kate moss, and she's the one who got the appraisal.
    so girls... i need to know your vote :angel:
  2. I've voted Kate Moss... I dont like sienna miller at all!
  3. i voted for kate moss.
    IMO there's no comparison between them!
  4. I don't compare people honestly. . . I can't compare them.
  5. Don't think they can be compared. although Kate Moss is sometimes bohemian like Sienna, she's also at times classy, sometimes grundgy, sometimes vintagey. Sienna's always bohemian. You can tell her style almost never changes.
  6. Agreed!:yes:
  7. i dont like either.
  8. Kate Moss is famous for being discovered at age 14 by a modelling tout and has gone on to be one of the worlds most voted for supermodel.
    Sienna is famous for doing other things, aswell as being Jude Laws ex girlfriend, she's been in a few films over the past few years and is now famous in her own right.
    Sienna's also younger than Kate Moss so i think KM has a few years of style experience on SM.
    IMO, i would say that Kate Moss is most likely a touch more stylish, but they both have their own sense of unique style.
  9. I like them both! I have loved Kate's style FORVER but also like Sienna's as well. I don't think you CAN compare them. JMO.
  10. i know, but i just can't help it :P
  11. Love Kate!
    kate moss dress.jpg
  12. i vote for kate.
  13. I like Kate Moss' style but I can't help but remember the drug thing with her. Total turnoff. I vote Sienna.
  14. Kate looks amazing! Sigh I wish her and Johnny Depp had stayed together what a gorgeous couple!!!
  15. kate for me too! hehe