VOTE! Help me decide

  1. I wanted to change the title to my other thread, but didn't know how....

    I'm asking for opinions on these two bags...

    Help Me Decide!
    Marc Jacobs*-* Leather Hobo*-* Bergdorf Goodman=


    Valentino*-* Buffalo Bag*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    I received both bags today. I really love the style and color of the Valentino bag...prettier IRL. However, it does not open up very wide (the tabs at the zipper ends are permanently fixed to the bag). Also, the two handles JUST fit on the shoulder
    The MJ bag is really lovely as well. It really opens up wide as the closure is magnetic and it folds over. I love the color, though I usually carry neutral purses. I'm an odd duck around here, as I usually carry the same bag day after day, so it would have to go with everything. I usually dress in earth tones, denim, and navy with splashes of pinks, reds, or oranges.
    So what do you ladies think? I'm not so concerned with the price difference. I just want a bag that I'll love for the spring and summer. BTW, my current every day bag is a Mulberry Emmy.
  2. I love the look of the Valentino.
  3. I really like the Valentino!
  4. Valentino gets my vote.
  5. Count me in on the Valentino, too!:angel:
  6. Valentino
  7. Valentino!!
  8. Valentino is my choice!!:heart:
  9. I like the Marc Jacobs! :smile:
  10. Valentino
  11. I was wondering if the MJ would get any votes, kendallslater.

    I have them both sitting out in my kitchen, so I can look at them while I grade papers. Valentino is winning the vote, so far!
  12. I really love the shape of the MJ and love the color of the Valentino....I'm leaning more towards Valentino though if you're only gonna keep one. :smile:
  13. LOVE the Valentino...very nice, and won't go out of style.
  14. I love the MJ bag, but if you're going to carry the bag every day, I would suggest the Valentino, as it would probably go with more of your clothing.
  15. Valentino