Vote for your favorite pleated ergo satchel!

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Which is your favorite? Or none?

  1. Navy Patent

  2. Pink Patent

  3. Tan Patent

  4. Burnt Orange Leather

  5. Black Leather

  6. White Leather

  7. Natural Leather

  8. None of the above - not my style

  9. "Uh, it reminds me too much of pants from the 80's."

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. In talking to my SA's yesterday they are going super fast. Yesterday they said there were only 5 pinks left for ordering....I said online, but it I should have said online for the SA's! I almost called back to see if I could get a pink one, but this is already my 4th Ergo (2 last year, 2 this year). I think if you want one, jump on it!
  2. HI, Can you tell me the size and the color of the Pink? Is the patent Pink just like my Magenta patent wristlet and mini skinny??? I sure hope so :graucho:
  3. nutz-the color of the pink is on page 1 of this thread... the size is 15x8x4 i believe? its posted in the thread as well... hope that helps!
  4. I love that bag in navy!!
  5. I had to be a 'wet blanket' but as much as I wanted to love these, the kisslock did bother me. I will prb get it in the hobo style.. Already sent it back or I would have taken a picture, sorry but my wallet is screaming!!,
  6. AHHHH :sad: you had one and sent it back without pics???? Don't you know when you get a package from Coach you

    a) thank the FedEx man and slam the door
    b) turn on your computer
    c) get your camera
    d) tell your tPF friends that you got your bag and will post pics shortly
    e) open the box, taking pics every 30 (ladies is 10 asking too much) seconds as you unwrap
    f) upload pics to site
    g) enjoy the bag and all the congrats you get in the forum

  7. Do we know for certain if there is going to be a hobo in these colors? I love the pink patent, and the navy patent, but I am not sold on this style. Why do I picture that kisslock hitting me right in the armpit???

  8. :roflmfao: Ya! What Coachfreak said! :graucho:

  9. Lol! I agree.

    And I choose Pink! anything bright in color would be perfect for me now that summer is almost here. I also love the white color too, but I'm afraid that might get dirty faster than Pink.
  10. I'm so sorry everyone!! But the truth is, that is exactly what happened to me. I love the shape of it,but the kisslock hit right under the armpit.. Again, sorry, Promise to do better next time! and take those pictures!:crybaby:
  11. I think the pink is the most fun! Esp for the spring and summer...
  12. The natural leather........:drool....
  13. as much as i LOVE pink, i think this bag is wayy cuter in navy!
  14. I am only half-kidding. I can't count the number of bags I have received, taken TONS of pics for the forum only to decide the bag isn't for me [camel lily and heritage XL satchel to name a few)

    We forgive you THIS time.

    Shame about that kisslock, after all this drama I tell you I better love it. Though I really like them on my shoulder, so this will probably be an issue.
  15. exactly! haha that's what i do. :P