Vote for your favorite pleated ergo satchel!

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Which is your favorite? Or none?

  1. Navy Patent

  2. Pink Patent

  3. Tan Patent

  4. Burnt Orange Leather

  5. Black Leather

  6. White Leather

  7. Natural Leather

  8. None of the above - not my style

  9. "Uh, it reminds me too much of pants from the 80's."

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I just ordered the Burnt Orange one today ...the Pink Patent is my second favorite and I was soooooo close to ordering both. The SA's said there were only 5 pinks left online!
  2. so.. question..

    are the ones in the pictures that we are voting for a satchel or a hobo?
  3. I LOVE the burnt orange...a great "neutral" for summer. I'm a fan of patent, but can't see magenta going with anything of mine...same w/navy. I have always been a big fan of navy, but now it's not such a hot color, and I wear a lot of black.
  4. Oh, and who thought it was too big? What are the measurements again?

    OOps...never mind...I saw the measurements as I read all the posts. I don't think this will look too large...I hope!
  5. Will someone please post some modeling pictures when you get your purse!! I really need to see how big this looks before I order!! Natural leather for me! wish they had green!
  6. satchel! :tup:
  7. I think I have narrowed it down to navy patent, tan patent, burnt orange, or black. Does anyone think I NEED to buy this before the next PCE? Is it going to sell out?

    If I got the navy or tan patent I think the Pond ergo hobo would have to go.. I can't have 4 Coach patent ergos.... :nuts: Plus the pond is kinda small anyways.
  8. Natural or black leather.
  9. inquiring minds want to know!
  10. Does anyone have pictures or ideas about what the pleated hobos will look like and what colors they will come in?

    I think I am more of a hobo gal.
  11. I love the pink color. I would have to see the bag IRL first to see if it makes my "contender" list.
  12. They're already listed on the Japan site:
  13. BTW, I think I'm more of a hobo girl too. I hope those come in all these wonderful colors!! :smile:
  14. IMHO, I really think they are gonna sell out fast... but thats just me, especially since the pink ones are already on back order... :s
  15. I voted for the Black Leather but I also like the Natural Leather. But only thing I'm not liking about the bag is the kisslock. I wish it was a zipper closing the bag instead.