Vote for your favorite pleated ergo satchel!

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Which is your favorite? Or none?

  1. Navy Patent

  2. Pink Patent

  3. Tan Patent

  4. Burnt Orange Leather

  5. Black Leather

  6. White Leather

  7. Natural Leather

  8. None of the above - not my style

  9. "Uh, it reminds me too much of pants from the 80's."

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I like the pink patent or the natural leather. I need to see this bag IRL b4 I make a decision. Hopefully it won't be as big as it looks in the pics.
  2. I LOVE the Navy...but I also LOVE the Pink!!!
  3. Hmm....though I LOOOOVE that PINK patent one....I voted for the Natural in the regular leather...I'm not much of a patent leather fan, and I think the Natural color will go w/ everything and is soooo pretty!!!! Good luck deciding! They are all gorgeous!
  4. I cant believe I chose none of the above. I thought I was going to die for the pink patent but after seeing soooooooo much patent in every store lately, neither the style or colors are doing it for me this time.:shame:
  5. I just backordered this in black leather - finally!! For me, since this bag is kinda funky looking, I figured having it in black will make it more wearable. Plus I really could use one more black leather bag - I've been going a little out of my comfort zone with the colors lately!!
  6. I am a huge pink fan, so I like that one, but that burnt orange leather looks beautiful! I will not be buying any of them, but I like them! :tup:
  7. It's bad, but I want one in every color! but if I *have* to go for just one, then it's either going to be the pink or navy patent. I just can't decide!

    I'm kinda still waiting for some pictures of them in real life to start popping up before I make my final decision.
  8. I dont really like the style of it but the pink is my favorite.
  9. Pink! For sure! how much is this?
  10. this bag is not my style but if it was, I think I'd go for the tan or navy patent :yes:
  11. I need to make a post - I'm actually thinking of selling my Carly to get one of these babies (navy patent or even burnt orange depending upon what it looks like in real life) or I might put it on the CC (which has a zero balance) - tough choices for me :sad: I do need to sell something since I think having 10 bags is a little much right now
  12. Just to let everyone know... the pink patent must be backordered... just talked to an SA at COACH, he said that there is so many orders placed for the pink that its "sold out", but I'm sure more will be made... there were probably so many orders, more orders than they can handle..! Also, more info... the tan patent, isn't as "patent" as it looks IRL... not as shiny... more of a duller patent... ok thats it! just thought I'd put in the 411 that I know so far! :smile:
  13. I love the natural and the white leather. Not really loving any of the patent colors...I'm not into pink anymore. The navy could be nice I suppose, but the natural leather seems more versatile. But, since I already bought the ergo convertible and love it I probably won't get one of these...
  14. I agree about the tan patent. I said that too - unless you really looked hard and touched it, it really didnt look patent - just like a little shinier leather. When I think of patent, I think of my pond ergo tote, which is REALLY patent-looking, but the tan one is not like that at all.
  15. I love that pink patent, but I'm worried about how comfortable it would be to carry with that kisslock sticking up:shrugs: