Vote for your favorite pleated ergo satchel!

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Which is your favorite? Or none?

  1. Navy Patent

  2. Pink Patent

  3. Tan Patent

  4. Burnt Orange Leather

  5. Black Leather

  6. White Leather

  7. Natural Leather

  8. None of the above - not my style

  9. "Uh, it reminds me too much of pants from the 80's."

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hmm I love the pink and the navy colors - I'm starting to feel a little unsure about the shape of the bag though. That kisslock thing isn't my favorite. Can they make a pink patent Ergo hobo?

  2. I'm with Mazie May on this one in terms of bag choices, although other than the kiss lock thingy, it looks awful similar to my Sigrid Olsen bag (which is a heck of a lot cheaper)! I'll probably get the burnt orange. I just asked my SA what the color looked like, and if she could find out....
  3. my order should go thru today for the pink patent!! i am so excited - hopefully i will have her on Friday !

    Right now I am just to be notified when the Burnt Orange can be ordered in the system, but i am putting thru the backorder today. I am tempted to do so w/ the black as well. I love this bag! I am a sucker for a kisslock.
  4. Love it! What is the size, # and $? I just can't choose a color. The navy patent is calling me, but I just got a Legacy slim Ali in navy canvas/blue leather. I have no patent, so maybe the tan patent? Thanks for the pics. Scrumptious!
  5. i wish we could see a modeling pic of this bag!!!
  6. Wow, this bag is a big hit... the NAVY one is ALL MINE!! :yes:
  7. I would like to know the same thing, lurlalee! I need to start saving my pennies for the pink patent! lol!
  8. the patent ones are $498 and the leather ones i believe are $458... the size is 15 x 8.5 x4.25
  9. Thank you!

    I am also a little concerned about the kisslock closure. I will be interested to see what you ladies think of it when you get this bag. Donnalynn said she got to try the bag on and felt that the kisslock snap was hitting the underpart of her arm when carrying it. I wish they would have just stuck with a zipper!
  10. yeah i kind of agree w/that fashionista... but i think that it adds more "character to the bag" if you know what I mean.... that does suck that it hits under the arm... so basically it for sure needs to be worn on the arm for those of us that like satchels! :yahoo:i'm so excited, i can't wait for this bag!
  11. I really like the look of it!! I would have to try it on to make a decsion as to buy it or not. I loove the pink, but i couldn't pull that bright color off. I would consider the white.

    EDIT: Taking another look, i think i like the navy!
  12. Patent #12520

    Leather #12248
  13. i would love to get the pink patent or white leather or the black leather. But i need to see them in person to see if it really is too big for me. I'm hoping its not that big on me.
  14. the burnt orange is so hot
  15. seriously, one day i have to have that pink one!!!