Vote for your favorite Muse color! Poll!

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Vote for your favorite Muse color!

  1. White

  2. Black

  3. Tan

  4. Khaki

  5. Chocolate Brown

  6. Oak

  7. Orange

  8. Tan

  9. Anthrite (spelling) (silver)

  10. Bronze

  11. Patent Black

  12. Patent White

  13. Haircalf

  14. Other please state which.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Please vote for your favorite muse! Please ignore my other thread which timed out while I was making the poll, and forgive if I left any Muse out. It would be great if people posted photos as well, to inform all voters. If you vote and have not seen a few of the colors, state the colors you have never seen. As time goes by I will add more pictures of the colors, so be sure to scroll all the way down for all the photos to make sure you have seen every color... Also, it would be interesting to hear why you like a particular color ... i.e. it goes with everything, or why you don't like it...i.e. metallics are too trendy, the color is too plain, or it gets dirty too easily.

    Also does anyone know what type of leather the bags are made of? Are some different from others? Softer, shinier, duller? Enjoy!
  2. Khaki.jpg




    Patent Black.jpg
    Patent White

    Silver Anthracite
  3. These photos from "I am Fashion".com
    Alba 1.jpg


    muse 2.jpg

    YSL - Jennifer Lopez.jpg
  4. pam.jpg
  5. i love the black one! :heart:
  6. ispy-muse.jpg

    1 Muse.jpg
    Chocolate Brown Muse

    2 muse.jpg

    3 muse.jpg

    4 muse.JPG

    5 muse.jpg

    6 muse.jpg

    7 muse.jpg
  7. I voted for chocolate - but I might end up loving my Orange Muse more!
  8. Art, the pics you have shown of the various colour.. I believe the one listed as "Black" is actually chocolate brown. That's the one I have but in the large size. I love that colour and voted for it. It's a very dark brown, as you can see, and is very versatile. Also, I love that shade of brown - a very rich dark chocolate colour!

    Wrt shinyness of the leather, I don't think mine is particularly shiny but then again, I don't have another to compare with in person. It's beautifully textured tho and not "flat" looking.
  9. Chocolate is my favorite color!
  10. ^^But it looks like you have a beautiful Ivory Muse?
  11. jessica alba looks the best with her muse.
  12. How about the red? I've got one on pre-order for fall.
  13. I voted dark brown. It's a beautiful deep dark rich brown that goes with just about anything. I love it in the XL size especially.
  14. Love the white
  15. I love my Ivory but I love my Chocolate Muse a bit more. Both colors are great but there is something special about the Chocolate.:love: