Vote for your favorite Azur bag.

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Your favorite azur

  1. Saleya

  2. Noe

  3. Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Thinking ahead to spring. Ready to add an azur...all I have now is a mini pochette and she is very loney.

    I don't have any noe's or Saleya, so I am thinking I might go that way...but even though I am not a big speedy fan, for 3 years I only had an in a week I've added the 35 toledo blue epi and miroir, silver, so the tide might be changing :smile:
  2. I personally am thinking of getting an Azur Speedy for myself and my husband wants to buy my daughter the Azur Mini Pochette.

    My vote is for the Speedy! : )
  3. my vote is speedy too :smile:
  4. Speedy! It's so pretty IRL...
  5. Speedy :love:
  6. I was considering the Speedy as well, maybe when the weather gets warmer. It is FREEZING here in Chicago. So my vote is also for the Speedy!
  7. speedy!!!
  8. Noe/Saleya because I bought several speedies in a row. :shame:If it's a Speedy I like the 30.
  9. The Speedy
  10. Speedy!! I love mine:smile:
  11. My vote is for the Saleya... :biggrin:
  12. The Noe. I adore them all though.
  13. speedy...wished they made papi in azur..
  14. Speedy all the way!
  15. saleya :heart: :heart: