Vote for your fave Star Wars stamp!!

  1. They are making a Star Wars sheet of stamps w/diff pics but then also they are having a vote to pick one of those pics to be on it's own page.

    BTW, stamp prices are going up May 13th (think?) to 41 cents. But you can purchase for a limited time, Forever stamps which will be sold at 41 cents but will be able to be used FOREVER even if prices keep going up. Kinda cool!
  2. The stamps price is going up on May 14.

    And I'm soooo excited for the Star Wars stamps! :nuts: Have you seen the new Star Wars Express Mail boxes? They are TDF! :heart:
  3. Stamp prices going up AGAIN!!!??:confused1:

  4. Thanks for the link to the star wars stamps...I had absolutely no idea...but they're sooo cool!
  5. They are so cool! Can they be purchased now?
  6. No Jabba stamp? Salacious Crumb?

    Mama, noooooooooooo!

    Oh, well I cast my vote for Padme...
  7. I voted for Yoda.

    (He's like nine million years old, but he's ADORABLE! Every time I saw him, I want to pick him up and hug him!)
  8. not sure, check at your local post office.
  9. YODA!!! what would be more representative of the series than yoda?!?!
  10. Do not buy the FOREVER stamps now!

    I talked with our local postmaster (who is a woman and rocks - I love her!!). Buy the FOREVER stamps when they announce the NEXT price increase (after 41 cents). They are going to be on sale until the next price increase. They are NOT making a limited amount (which had been rumored).
  11. I checked the USPS website and they go on sale on May 25, but are taking pre-orders.