Vote for which Gucci I should get...

  1. Hi, there!

    I really want to get a large gucci bag. I currently have a SMALL purse and a wallet and I love both of them. It'll be an investment for me ($1000 is a lot to spend on a bag, and that's about what I'm willing to invest)... Anyway, here are my "choices"... I'd love opinions on any of them. I'm going to the outlet at the end of the month (I've mentioned it before, can you tell that I'm excited?) so if any are available at the outlet then I'll be swayed toward that as well. ALSO, I'm ok with last years style if you know of something similar that they have at the outlets... here are the ones that I like best... (all in signature dark brown GG fabric with brown trim)

    "chain" medium hobo with horsebit

    "chain" large hobo with horsebit

    "wave" large hobo with catena detail strap

    britt medium hobo

    pelham small shoulder bag (price is a little higher, I know!)

    abbey medium shoulder bag

    princey large hobo

    Opinions? Any pros and cons to any of the bags? I want something that's comfortable to carry on my shoulder, can go with everything, that "feels" heavy and high quality, and looks spectacular. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmm I've got the medium chain horsebit and the medium britt hobos but I gotta say my ultimate bag...the one I want most is the Pelham so I'd say get that! ;)
  3. go for the chain hobo. I have the large hobo. I think it is beautiful but the only downside is it isn't always the most comfortable and sometimes it is a big black hole.
  4. ^ITA about the black hole thing, I can't find enough junk to put into my medium one! It is a little uncomfortable to carry which is why I suggest the Pelham, the straps are easier to work with.
  5. I say go for either the Pelham or the abbey medium...I have a abbey medium and I love it!
  6. my vote will be for the pelham. so classic but still trendy. Such a beautiful bag, def worth your investment!!!
  7. i say the horsebit hobo or the abbey. i have the abbey and luvs it! very comfie on the shoulder!
  8. Thanks. I guess I should go to the store and try them on WITH STUFF IN THEM... They'll let me do that, right? The saleslady at woodbury commons was a real B*** last time, but I'll just hope for someone new or go to Saks... They're always nice there.
  9. I vote for the medium abbey!