Vote for the Winter 2008 RAOK Format



  1. One month with higher limits ($75-$125)

  2. Two months with low limit first ($25) and mid limit next ($75)

  3. Two months with the same limits ($50-ish)

  4. Give us a break, Voo...none of the above! (please suggest)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay, my Coach-ie friends :yes: . . .

    The New Year is upon us so it's time for the first Coach RAOK! But I want to know what your thoughts are on the format so please vote accordingly!!! One week from today this poll will close and the format with the most votes will be how the RAOK is conducted!

    :yahoo:RAOK ROCKS:yahoo:
  2. what is ROAk? i searched and came across no definition - i might want to participate this year.
  3. Am I crazy ? I don't see the poll , I want to vote !

  4. Random

  5. Radom Acts of Kindness - you send someone a care package twice a season , its a lot of fun
  6. I voted :yes:
  7. I do you participate
  8. I voted.

    I would like to suggest that whomever is running this RAOK (Voodoo?) get in touch with Candac3Mari3 and Twiggers to find out who did not fulfill their duties in the Xmas gift exchanges (Coach and site wide) so those people do not sign up for this one.
  9. i would like to participate.
    where do i sign up? :flowers:
  10. Is it total $50 that has to be spent or is it $50 per month?

    Also if $50 the max maybe there should be a minimum set too because I think ranges are helpful, perhaps like $20-$50?

  11. AMEN!!!! :yes:
  12. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this!:yes::yes:
  13. Oh thanks! Great idea!!
  14. I will post the sign up information next week!! :tup:
  15. so excited- hope Im eligable :smile: