Vote for the most wanted Chanel bag


If you only had 1 choice of these 3 most wanted bags, which would you choose?

  1. Olsen

  2. Valentine Chain

  3. Vinyl Cabas

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just interested, if you had to choose 1 of the 3 most wanted bags, which one would you choose, I would choose the Valentine Chain as I really love it in the Fuschia colour
  2. i am not crazy about the valentine chain or the vinly cabas, but the olsen bag is tdf.. everything from the chains, to the slouchynes , and the yummy leather!!
  3. Out of these 3, definitely the Olsen bag (even though I own the cabas!) LOL
  4. It's hard to choose between the Olsen and the Valentine. I love them both, the Olsen just a tat bit more.
  5. Valentines Chain, hands down. A stunning bag indeed :smile:
  6. valentine chain in any of the colors would be awesome!!!

    followed by the olsen bag in black preferably...
  7. I am boring (or mad) but I really would not want any of those bags
  8. valentine chain for me =)
  9. Those are all nice bags, but they are not for me. I vote for the purple caviar flap from 06, or was it 05?
  10. ^ I was thinking the same thing! I would choose a violet flap or a red flap over any of the 3 choices. I did vote for the valentine chain flap though out of the 3 though... ;)
  11. The Olsen bag. :yes: I normally would have chosen the cabas, but I don't like the vinyl version (just my opinion).
  12. Can we have option "None of the above." ;)
  13. I've always drooling whenever I see a Valentine chain.
  14. since i have the vinyl cabas and recently jus found my olsen large right it shld be the valentine flap w heart chain but i'm not sure abt having a lambskin in pink or fuschia color.

    My choice still goes to Olsen hobo, my favourite!
  15. mine too:love: