Vote for our Coach tPF keychain HERE!!

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Which keychain do you prefer?

  1. Lillian Vernon Purse

  2. Branders Purse

  3. Finders Martini

  4. Some other style - post ideas below

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. It has been boiled down to a couple of different charms for the official Coach tPF keychain! Here are pictures of the options:
    From: Branders Cost: approx. 6.50 each (depends on number to order)

    From: Lillian Vernon Cost: $9.98 each

    From: Finders Cost: 6.95 each

    Cast your votes here! After we decide on a design and what to have it engraved with, we will get them ordered! :smile:
  2. kristy this is such a great idea!
    i like the second lillian vernons one.
    i don't see a poll though, are you making one?
  3. I love this idea!! I would be happy with about anything... and I'm still loving my tPF charm!! A Coach tPF charm would be fun, so I say - bring it on! :tup:
  4. The Lillian Vernon one is awesome. I voted for it so it could be engraved with tPF Coach or something. But I loved the martini, could it be engraved??
  5. It should be there now, it took a second to put it together. :smile:
  6. No, from the looks of it, the Martini one can't be engraved... I am pretty sure
  7. how bout we all get the same coach keyfob/charm since it's supposed to be the COACH club!

    or I vote for the second one - Lillian vernon one but engrave something like COACH GIRLS on it.
  8. I like the Lillian one. What will it be engraved with?
  9. I love all of them.

    Some other suggestions I could think of were these:


    With TPF engraved on it.





    Whatever it ends up being..I bet it will be great! I definately want one! :supacool:
  10. I like the star design. ^^^^^^^
  11. I like that heart! "Coach tPF" instead of William :yes:
  12. The good part is that I think the star is only like 4 bucks.
  13. The star is cute too. Might be easier to spot too!
  14. i like the heart! Reminds me of the brass coach heart fob.
  15. i'm not a fan of the second one. and i think the martini is wicked cute, but we don't want people to think the coach girls are alcoholics, lol.

    i still like the shoe one i posted in the other thread, that had a tag to engrave with it. something about hanging a purse on a purse seems...gimicky?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.