Vote for old interwoven leather chain or bijoux/new chain?

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Old chain over any of the new chains?

  1. Old leather interwoven chain

  2. Newer chains

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am really missing the old chain and am waiting patiently for it to return especially for the jumbo sizes.

    If you had a choice would you choose the old chain over any of the new chains?
  2. i love bijoux chains, but not the new chains on glazed lambs, feels kinda light & cheap IMO :shame:
  3. I personally looove the bijoux chains. Like ^CC said, the newer ones look kinda cheap....
  4. ^ Yep, ITA!
  5. never liked the new chain (maybe that's why i never quite get into reissues - great news for wallet LOL). nothing says classy like the interwoven leather chain imho :biggrin:
  6. interwoven chain hands down!! or maybe bijoux chain, but not the new round ones :smile:
  7. interwoven chains too...been waiting for the return of COLORS in the timeless classic flaps in forever!
  8. Me too! I've been waiting for a colored classic flap with interwoven chain & CC lock. That's what Chanel used to be. Why didn't I look at Chanel years ago :confused1:
  9. Definitely the older interwoven leather chain~~
  10. Me wants the old chains! Come back to life, Chanel!!! Enough of the metallics and plastic-y new chains!
  11. My vote is for the old interwoven chain. It stays on my shoulder better, & I like the look better too.
  12. love the new chains- really want
  13. For me, i also preferred the interwoven leather chain or the bijoux chan.
  14. the interwoven chains are symbolic of chanel. But I have to admit, that it's nice to be able to switch things up a bit. But even with that said, nothing says timeless like the interwoven!
  15. I like the interwoven chains better, but I do like the darker antiqued looking chains on the hybrids too.

    I don't care for the really new chains, so high polished and rounded, and the cheap clinking sound they make.