Vote for my spring bags!!

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What spring bag should I get??

  1. Dancing with a Star (pink lemonade)

  2. Biker Babe (caramel)

  3. Getting Warmer (berry blue)

  4. Miami Heat (not sure of color!)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi again!! I think I have narrowed down my choices, somewhat.

    Here they are:

    DWAS: Pink Lemonade

    Biker Babe: Caramel

    Getting Warmer: Berry Blue

    Miami Heat: Not sure what color! Suggestions are welcome.

    So please vote for your fave and I will go with that and whatever comes in second. I am only getting 2 spring bags and want to decide so I can preorder it. Thanks!!
  2. Can I vote for two?
  3. Every Tano blue has been spectacular. I voted for the color, not the bag, though I love all the styles you have chosen. Good luck!
  4. I voted for the GW because you HAVE to get something in berry's so amazing!

    And DWAS is so I picked that over the Biker Babe.
  5. I voted for the Biker Babe in caramel just because I can't remember what the DWAS looks like, plus you already have that beautiful raspberry streetwalker. Getting warmer in Berry blue would have been vote #2. Have fun choosing!
  6. ^^

    Thanks everyone!!

    TK, you can vote for 2 if you want. Pick your fave though!!
  7. yikes, i really started something about that caramel biker babe...maybe MHB will stock it now when they see how many of us like it!
  8. I voted for DWAS in pink lemonade because I LOVE that color! It's so pretty! But I actually like the style of the GW more than the DWAS. So, my second choice would be the GW in berry blue.
  9. I voted for the GW in berry blue because I agree with Voodoo, everybody needs something in the beautiful berry blue!
  10. I voted for biker babe and miami heat!