Vote for my Mono Shoulder bag!

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  1. Hello all. I'm still trying to decide what shoulder bag (not a tote) to get and would love your input.

    I'm petite, small framed and prefer that my bags can be dressed up or down.

    My choices are:

    Mini Lin Saumur ebene

    Thanks in advance!

    Hmmm I've forgotten how to do a poll. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks again!
  2. I'd say get the Galliera it was my second choice before the Artsy MM
  3. I always liked Monty and it would look great in all situations I think. Monty-Beverly-Trevi are my favorites :smile:
  4. Okay, after looking at each mono canvas bag on your list, here are my suggestions.

    If you are into classic styles and if you keep your bags forever, like me, :biggrin: the Montorgrueil would be a good choice.

    If you are into something with a little more edge, the Thames would be my next choice.

    The Galliera didn't make the cut. Although some people really love that bag and it looks great on them, for me it has never been "love at first sight."

    I wasn't able to bring up the mini lin one on the LV site that you listed.

    I hope my two cents helps! Have fun deciding!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  5. Out of your choices I would pick the Thames, but be sure to look at the tulum pm before you decide too. It's wonderful too! My tulum pm is one of my favorite mono shoulder bags. I'm not a fan of Mini Lin at all and the Gallier doesn't do it for me either. Don't love the huge gold plate.
  6. galliera ;)
  7. PurseKindaGal, Superale..thanks....the Galliera can't help itself, it always seems to be the popular vote :biggrin:....I go back and forth on this, I've tried it on 3 different occasions, and it was only the first time that I thought it looked nice on me...the other 2, it seemed too big. But I keep going back to it.

    OCDLV, Elliespurse..thanks..same situation with Monty as galliera, except it was the last try that I thought I really liked it. It seems to be the most casual bag out of my choices, but again I keep going back to it too.

    Charleston-Mom..thanks...I have never tried the Tulum, I've seen it IRL once (GM i think). I will definitely keep this in mind.

    So far it's a tie between Monty and Galliera....
  8. Galliera................................
  9. Galliera! I have the PM and it's one of my favorite shoulder bags!
  10. Galliera!
  11. i loved tulum... but i cant seem to find it anymore on i wanted to check the size and price.

    but if you are down to galliera and monty.. i say galliera.

    i dont like double straps that monty has...
    i dont like the bulkiness of it, looks more like an overniter to me.

    galliera on the other hand, has that nice alcantar lining that monty lacks
    is big enough but in the right way
    it carries well because of the strap that is wide enough not to dig onto your shoulders...

    i have the azur, ordered the mono yesterday... still couldnt decide between it and the artsy though...
  12. galliera or,thames
  13. Galliera!
  14. Galleria
  15. Thames or tulum pm. I think the tulum is no longer available. The last tulum gm was sold last week here.