Vote for Coach on!!!!!!!

    If you click the link and scroll down just a tad bit, there's a poll for best handbag designer of the year!!!! Coach is one, they didn't list many...but go vote! So far Coach is way behind, I know they can do better than this!!!!!:tup:
  2. I voted!! C'mon gals (and guys)...Coach is dead last with only 9% of the vote!!
  3. I can't believe some of the garbage that is beating it (specifically the bag in 1st place - it's only winning b/c they used the purple version, it really isn't a nice bag)
  4. If anybody can bring up Coach's score it is us tpf Coach girls!!
  5. voted! Don't most of those other brands stick mostly to similar designs every year? Maybe I read the poll wrong but it seemed like it was asking which is the best designer of the year but the examples they show aren't all new last year, are they? (I'm so not up on anything but coach haha!)
  6. Just Voted!!!
  7. is it just me or can you not see the poll????
  8. nvm its on the 3rd page
  9. How could COACH only have 11% of the votes??? HUMMMM....get voting
  10. I voted!! Darn we are in last place right now:tdown:
  11. Just voted! Still at 11%
  12. I can honestly say that I don't like any of those other bags, they all seem ugly to me...... but thats just my opinion
  13. voted
  14. Voted