Vote for best Fall 06 bag with picture!!

  1. Please post your favorite chanel bag for the current season Fall 06 with pictures!! I'm visiting chanel boutique tomorrow, would love to hear your inputs

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I am really loving this one right now: Brown Outdoor Tote.
  3. I am really loving the Lady Braid - as much I like the Coco, I think this one will be more timeless and I :heart: the handles!!
  4. I am REALLY looking forward to the Modern Chain tote.

    I also love the Diamond Stitch bags and the Outdoor bags (which are pretty much same style bags but with a few twists).

    Below are the Large White Modern Chain tote and the Small Brown Diamond Stitch bag.
    Modern Chain Tote.jpg Small Diamond Stitch $1625.jpg
  5. I second tweeties vote *hehe I think we got very similar choices in handbags*
  6. I'm loving both of those!!
  7. I have to agree, I am really loving my small diamond stitch tote. It is a very practical yet classy bag. I also can't wait for the modern chain!
  8. Another vote for the small Diamond Stitch tote:yes: !! I just got the black one and I LOVE this bag:nuts: :tender:.

  9. ladies thanks for the input!!! Im going to the boutique in couple of hours, will let you know once i get back..:flowers:
  10. I think this is by far the best Fall 06 bag! the color is perfect!!
    btw, this bag is in the reference thread. Definitely on my TO GET list!!!
    The red diamond shine tote!:yahoo::heart:
  11. I have to say...I am IN LOVE with this bag...the Cloudy Bundle is the SOFTEST bag EVER!! & The color is TDF!:love:
    chanel cloudy bundle beige 001.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 003.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 007.jpg chanel cloudy bundle beige 016.jpg
  12. WOW! That bag is gorgeous! Does it come in other colours? It's lovely! I'm new to chanel and I've only got two chanel wallets... =)
  13. Well , i'm going to vote for my new bag :yes: . The pic is of maxters because my pic isn't as good , but I have the same one !
  14. I'm in love with these two bags...I was supposed to be going to Paris the week after next and I was going to get my first chanel there...but then I was in a car accident and now I'm not going to be able to much for that idea. Has anyone seen these too beauties in the store yet?
    chabel2.JPG chanel1.JPG
  15. ^ I've seen the 2nd one in white and loved it ! here is a pic I took of it in the store .