vote for a pink bag


help me....

  1. pink medallion tote w/ silver HW

  2. pink mini flap w/ silver HW

  3. pink med. flap w/ gold HW

  4. no pink bags!

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  1. pink medallion tote w/ silver HW vs. pink mini flap w/ silver HW vs. pink med flap w/ gold HW
  2. I voted for the pink mini flap. I like pink in small sizes, it makes a good accent bag if worn across the body. I have the coral pink E/W, that's probably the biggest size I'd do for a pink bag. :smile: Esp being asian and short, I personally don't want the pink bag to make me look younger than I already do. :sad: It's hard for people to take you seriously..
  3. I voted for the pink med flap. If I am gonna buy myself a pink Chanel...that would be The One...:heart:
  4. I think the pink medium flap would be beautiful! You can wear it with jeans on the days you don't need to carry much, and take it out to dinner, etc. Since it's a warmer pink, the gold hardware would be pretty, but I might actually choose the silver hardware if it were me. :smile: Let us know what you decide to get!
  5. it's such a tough decision, i already have a teal med. tote, a black med. classic flap, so i'm kinda leaning towards the mini pink flap, but then thinking for a few hundred dollars more, i could get a much more practical bag, since the mini is really tiny....arggg....this is so difficult
  6. pink med flap in caviar with s/h is beautiful. one of my wishbag :biggrin:
  7. i am unable to locate a med. pink flap w/ silver HW in any Saks. so this is out of the question. if you're voting for the med. it would be with gold hareware
  8. I don't really like pink bags.
  9. i voted no pink bags... unless you're talking about a coral/peach/blush pink (those are lovely shades of pink and IMHumbleO are worth getting) and not the candyfloss/bubblegum pink shade!
  10. what shade of pink is it Irene? the same shade of pink for all the bags?

    i like the pink med. flap =)
  11. I chose the pink mini flap as its flash of pretty pink but not enough to look like Barbara Cartland!
  12. I like pink med flap too, but probably with silver HW instead.
  13. pink medium flap, there is one at NM in Boston with silver hardware last time I was there!
  14. tks snowy,
    but i am buying from Saks only.
  15. I voted medium flap. I love flaps and don't think there is such a thing as too many flaps