Vote: Does anyone else like this bag???

  1. Hi,
    I felt I 'scored' when I picked up this Jimmy Choo Talia on eBay for $409.00. Seller had zero feedback, but I took a chance anyway. I remember seeing this in the Jimmy Choo boutique in Orlando last year, and couldn't decide if I like it or not....but for $400.00...definately!! Well, I was soooo excited when I got it, but it appears everyone around me thinks it's too gaudy. What do you all think? And do you think the glitter calf skin is too loud for the day? Thanks!
    Picture 1443.jpg Picture 1442.jpg Picture 1449.jpg
  2. I like it- I would LOVE it in black!!!!! Enjoy!! great buy! The glitter skin is in right now, fine for day.
  3. TY Suzy...appreciate it!
  4. Love this bag, I, too, looked at that one at JC in Orlando, it's a beautiful bag, I have it in a tan color.
  5. OMG!
    I love that bag.
    I had the camel suede version and ended up being coerced into giving it to my sister in law and wish I never had.
    Its stunning!
  6. I think it's great.
  7. super flashy and fun! loves it. wear it EVERYWHERE in the best of health!
  8. cute, i like it, especially the color.
  9. Love it!!!:woohoo: Wear it and enjoy it. It is Gorgeous!
  10. Talia is great - wear it with the right simply outfit and it will just be an extra pop in your style!
  11. That is the type of bag to wear with jeans for a great look during the day! Wearing one piece of glitter, like shoes or a belt or a BAG is all the rage. You will be cool beyond cool!:jammin:
  12. I agree!

  13. Not my style. But it definately looks hot. Enjoy!
  14. I like it and it was a great deal. Maybe not for everyday business wear, but definitely to pop jeans or with something dressy.
  15. How about a modeling shot?