VOTE: bearn or dogon?

  1. okay I need a vote.

    I own a turquoise bearn in chevre...the tri-fold....and a larger dogon in orange togo.

    which should I sell. I have been a bad girl and need to make some money.

    What do you gals think? Its too hard so I need you to pick. they are both so pretty! know the cosmetic bags with the 2 snaps on top....they come in small and large....should I keep my larger voiler or the smaller blue sapphire?

    husbands can be mean when they put their feet down. stinky feet :crybaby:
  2. Hmmm I don't know. But I think it involves some complicated calculation of what you use the most, love the most, and what will sell the closest to what you paid for it. Or can you wrap some things up for yourself for Valentine's Day???

    This is why I'm very nervous about getting joint accounts when I get married because my fiance is more fiscally conservative - but on the plus side he makes more $$$.
  3. You can make more money on the trifold Bearne, so if you need to raise cash, that's the one that you should sell.
  4. Ok, not that any of this will help because this is all personal preference:

    Keep the Bearn. (I'm not a big fan of the Dogon)
    Keep the larger voiler. (more versatile)

    But I do agree that the Bearn will be a better sale. GL!
  5. ^ ditto.
  6. Hmmm, hard decision.

    I'm trying to decide to purchase either a tri-fold Bearn or a Dogon. I think I'm leaning more on the Dogon side, since it could be used as a small clutch as well. But I like a big wallet, since I carry a lot of cards, notes, etc.

    But as the others suggested, factor in which will work more for your needs.
  7. :yes:
  8. I'd sell the Bearn but then again I am a huge Dogon fan!
  9. I like the Dogon because it has that lil pouch that comes with it, but the construction is supposed to be a bit soft, I believe? I like stiffer leathers/construction, as they seem neater/more resilient to me, so I might just say the Bearn...because it's Chevre...and Turquoise...and that is a great combo :biggrin:
  10. It's a matter of your personal preference. Of those items you are considering selling, which do you love more? Keep those. If they're all the same to you, then easy, get rid of the ones that will potentially fetch you more $$.
  11. I have the large Dogon in Orange and I adore it (thanks to a MP seller), yes its soft, but its THE most amazing leather I have ever felt. Since I dont know what the Bearn looks like IRL, I say keep the Dogon.
  12. Unless you absolutely love one over the other, sell the one you will get the most money for.
  13. Colorwise...which ones look better with your bags?

    Which ones fit better in the bags you have with everything else you carry?
  14. I think I have decided to keep the bearn......and the larger make up thing.

    now for the selling. where is that trusty camera.

    I love the dogon.....and its a great clutch I bet.......but I figured tri fold bearns are really hard to come by when my husband stops being mad at me I can get another one

    sad me. orange is so pretty.