1. What is your opinion on Vosges chocolates?

    Worth the price? $100....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Vosges La Grande Stack[​IMG]

    A selection of Vosges exotic haute-chocolats stacked in an elegant tower.
    • Complimentary handwritten gift cards are tied atop.
    • Includes 16-piece Exotic Truffle Collection (1/2-lb), La Parisienne Cocoa, Toffee, and two Sophie Bars.
    • Made from the finest ingredients offered around the world.
    • Owner/Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower, and chocolate that is flown into Vosges' Chicago kitchen.
  2. I don't like them. My friend Mikey is all over them, but I just don't think they're that great.
  3. Hm...it's yummy but not sure about the price tag. Maybe if it was a corporate gift or a gift to a well loved chocoholic it'd be different. I wouldn't mind tasting it and letting you know! :graucho:
  4. The only Vosges chocolate I've tried is the Red Fire Exotic Candy Bar - which I loved!


    From the website:
    Mexican ancho and chipotle chili peppers + Ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate Originally, cocoa beans were crushed and used with vanilla, cornmeal and chillies in a frothed drink. When Spanish conquistadors brought the seeds back to Spain, new recipes were created by removing the spices and adding sugar, and mainstream chocolate consumption was born. Vosges takes chocolate back to its roots with the Red Fire bar, blending dark chocolate with ancho and chipotle chili peppers and Ceylon cinnamon.

    55% cacao, 3.4 oz.
  5. I bought the Vosges hot chocs when they were still "new" at Dean & Deluca. At that time they only had the basic Aztec one which was amazing. The Bianco tastes weird i think its because they have Australian lemon myrtle which has to be sieved before drinking or it tastes awful. I hate the fact that I have to strain my hot chocolate before I drink it.
    The Parisienne is the best IMO, it has chewy piece of vanilla bean pod which makes it "interactive" to drink it. Almost as interactive as boba/bubble tea.

    I bought my Dad for his birthday (its not the only thing I bought him!!! ha ha I'm not that cheap) a bar of the Barcelona, and for myself I bought a bar of the Gogi Tibetian hawaiian pink salt one. Haven't tried it out yes since we haven't had a rainy day in Seattle yet.

    My experience with the truffle choc (Wooloomooloo, Giaduja, and Pascal, oh and Naga) are my favs. The rest are so-so. Once you pass over to Vosges, beware, when you go back to Hershey's it doesn't quite taste the same and then you'll get mad that you ever introduced yourself to Vosges.
    Don't bother with the Purple Points tho, unless you do the wedding favors or have Vosges as corporate gifts its hard to accrue all those points.
    If you have access to one of the Purple Houses, take a go at the ice creams.
    The Naga and the Wattleseed are absolutely wonderful. And the ladies that work there are far from pretensious. The one lady that helped my looks a lot like Parker Posey and was a darling.

    For now on I think I'm going to stick with Paris cocoa, and the bars and skip the truffles.
    There is this one very adventurous one called Rooster I believe they make it with either Tallagio or Parmesan Reggiano. I would have never put those two together but it tastes quite complimentary. I was pleasantly surprised.