VOOM by Joy Han...where to buy??

  1. Heyyy everyone!! I've been searching for a good place to buy VOOM clothing...does anyone have any places they've had good experiences/good prices etc. Also any codes would be great!! I specifically want the Fiori Cami Top with the flowers...sooo cute for summer!!
  2. Don't they have a store called Voom in LA??
  3. Yes!! Thats it....but I live in Texas so I need to find somewhere online to buy it :smile:

    Caligirll..hahah I was going to go to Pepperdine so I made this name - I'm still a caligirll at heart :smile:
  4. shopintuition.com sells voom but seems like they don't have the cami top that you want.
  5. you've probably heard this before...but beware of buying from intuition - lots of people have had problems with them, and they take forever to ship...

    here's my list of places that sell voom:

    a couple of them have codes. also try shoprobertson.com - i think i saw voom there at some point as well...