VooDoo Doll on Azur Speedy, Yay or Nay?

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Yay or Nay?

  1. Yay, the VooDoo Doll looks cute on Azur Speedy

  2. Nay, it looks ugly, get rid of it or put it on a different bag

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  1. So I just got back from the chinese nightmarket and bought a VooDoo doll! :p I put it on my Azur Speedy but my Aunt said that it doesn't go with it because the doll should be on a more casual bag. What do you think? Yay or Nay?


    BTW, I saw them selling so much fake stuff at the market. I was at one stand and these girls were looking at fake chanel cambon totes, and then the lady kept on pulling out fake LVs from under the table including a fake mono Speedy 30, fake Azur Speedy and wallet, and fake monogram trouville! :cursing: I think the girl ended up buying the fake Azur Speedy. :wacko:

    My Aunt was carrying her Popincourt Haut and then this guy tried to sell her a fake mono coin purse, holding it up to her bag! Then my aunt said, "Mine is real!" Then my Aunt pulled out her red epi compact wallet to pay for something the guy noticed and said "You carry all real stuff!"
  2. Its Reminds of one of those Jack/Lucie Charm things. So, Id Keep it on
  3. i don't know...not really a fan.
  4. That is really cute, i'd leave it on.
  5. Hmmm .... I like the voo-doo doll *it is so adorable* but I don't like the way it looks against the Azur perhaps it will look better on bag that has a darker canvas.
  6. I think they look fine together, quite cute in fact.
  7. I don't think it suits that pale, clean, fresh looking Azur canvas. Whack him on a mono, he'd be right at home with the darker tones. I love him! :tup:
  8. hmmm...better on dark damier...
    BTW, aren't those things "bad luck" ??
  9. I don't really like it....but then again I don't like anything hanging off of bags so that's just me. Little charms and things are cute though.
  10. eye love it. :smile: reminds me of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  11. Yeah, me too! It's cute.

    Btw, Arnott, what's the bag on your avatar? I feel stupid don't knowing it, but it's sooooo beautiful, I really want to know the name!
  12. I like it
  13. same here!!

  14. It's a cutie, but I agree that it would be better on mono or epi.
  15. I think it looks adorable. Keep it.