Voodoo babies

  1. Has anyone heard of these or seen them. I think they are just adorable. I think I'm going to get a few for my bags. They have all different characters.
    voodoo baby.gif
  2. I've seen them at the store. They look like they'd fall apart pretty fast.
  3. I like it, it would be perfect for inferno.
  4. looks cute but im afraid it looks like it would unravel :confused1:
  5. yes! I love it. My boyfriend gave me two.
  6. I wonder too how long it would hold up? I think I will order them anyway and see. I'm not really crazy about any of the qees I've seen.
  7. Which ones do you have?
  8. Erygonz which ones do you have. I don't know how my post got up there?
  9. what other characters do they have? is there a website to check it out??
  10. My sister hangs one on her original print bella. It's a yellow one, not sure what the name is. My other sister has a bunch of them. I was thinking about getting the Einstein one. I think they are cute. They are pretty sturdy.

    They have them at some of those Asian gift stores by me.
  11. thanks blackwidow!

    looks soo cute...:biggrin: i like the ninja :biggrin:
  12. Yeah I like him too! It is gonna be hard to choose what to get. I thought about one of the angels to go on the paradiso and one of the demons to go on the inferno.
  13. yeah they look cool too, it will definitely match!!
  14. Yeah, I have a few of them! They are real cute!
    I bought my husband a Samurai.