Von Maur sales on premium denim!

  1. Everyone in the midwest area be sure to check out Von Maur for department store premium denim sales;; I just snagged a pair for ADORBALE Seven For All Mankind for $43, original $189..!
    They had tons of deals (TR, Citezen, Joes, ect.)
  2. Von Maur's actually have sales??? I never saw anything but the crappiest stuff on sale there. Did you see any men's TRs?
  3. [I am a guy, too, but I have a small (womens 25/26) waist] I didn't particurally find anything, but I wasn't looking. They almost ALWAYS have Diesel on sale, but last year I did finagle a pair of classic TRS in mens for $55. They do markdowns on Thursday and don't usually keep things around for over a month (I mean they keep them, but they sell because they markdown sooo much)...They regularly have Seven's on sale for men, as well!