Von Dutch

  1. I would like to have your input on Von Dutch clothing line. Is it still a hot brand or is it dying down a bit?

    In Europe (sometimes) items or brands that have been in fashion in the US for a while dont seem to arrive here until the following year.

    Thanks for your opinion.
  2. It's not "dying down a bit." It's just straight up dead. It died about 3 years ago.
  3. ^Great response:roflmfao:
  4. lol.

    I never got into it because EVERYONE around here was wearing it. I mean it was ridiculous. That's why I don't really do trendy stuff to often, you just end up looking like everyone else.
  5. Wow I had no idea! Thanks for being so direct.
  6. yes!...
  7. I have a pink jacket from them that I loved (and begged my mom for), now I don't know what to do with it, if it's THAT out. :push:
  8. :lol: indeed! and i'm from Belgium, thinking the same...
  9. I agree, it did die down a while ago. Although I still wear my cap when I have a bhd (bad hair day!)
  10. I was so happy when that one died! i was not a fan.
  11. hahah, too funny!!! I read the first part and was like..."is she crazy?" and then I finished the sentence and realized you were perfectly sane.
  12. HAHA its so true! I hated this brand it was tacky and cheap but waaaaay to expensive. I saw the hats in the bargain bin at urban outfitters 2 years ago... I was like yayayayaya!
  13. It already died ( I regret buying 2 tops when they where in style.... to expensive)
  14. LOL, I can't stand Von Dutch. Around here, we call it "Von Douche." (Mods, sorry if that's inappropriate...)
  15. the designer for Von Dutch -Christine, started his own line which I expect the same outcome. Its call - Ed Hardy.
    Given to celebs free in hopes of good press.
    Here is Los Angeles its quite a joke.