Volunteer Work?

  1. I feel so self indulged.... Does anyone know of any good volunteer work oppertunites in the north New Jersey area? I would like to work with children with health problems or orphans. :yes:
  2. That's so great of you to do that! I hope someone can let you know of opportunities in your area. Let us know what you find!
  3. Is there a children's hospital in your area? They usually take volunteers.

    Not sick kids, but there are lots of opportunities to tutor and assist students in underprivileged school districts, either in subjects or assisting with college entrance things.
  4. Go here:

    This was started a number of years ago by a couple of people I know.
  5. Hands On America and United Way are large orgs that can hook you up.

    Another thing you can do is just look around, is there a Women's Shelter in your Community? An org that helps the homeless? A Meals on Wheels kind of thing? An AIDS Hospice or org that might need people to help?

    Schools sometimes use mentoring/tutoring programs, if you're good with kids, another large org that works with kids is Big Brother/Big Sister, where they pair you with a kid who could use a big brother or sister!

    If you live in a larger city, there might be orgs that provide services to people who have recently arrived in the US, maybe they have an English as Another Language class that could use some volunteers.

    The bottom line is, whatever you have, somebody needs it! :smile:
  6. You can get in touch with the Kiwanis Club and attend a couple of their meetings. There is always at least a couple projects going on and many have to do with children/health. If there is nothing they are currently working on that you take interest in, you can ask them for ideas or places to volunteer. Here's the website: Kiwanis International
  7. What about a Big Brother/Big Sister program? You could candy stripe at the local hospital.
    Why don't you go to the local school and ask if they have an after school/latchkey program that you can help with.
    There are so many opporunities. Good for you that you want to make a difference!
    Let us know how it goes....
  8. There might be a Junior League in your area as well. I've volunteered with them here in San Francisco for 5 years now and it's been a great experience for me.
  9. I love working w/the March of Dimes! It's such a great organization...and I know they always need help. They have several functions they put on throughout the year and there are never enough people to make the phone calls, set up, etc.
  10. check out volunteermatch.com.
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions, I will post when I find out where I fit better to help. :smile: :smile: