Volumizing Shampoo

  1. Any suggestions to add some volume to my hair?
  2. I like Bumble and Bumble's 3-step density system..it's shampoo, conditioner, and then a treatment. I use it twice a week. It supposedly works to "unclog" your hair follicles to encourage healthy (and more?) hair growth. Not sure that it lives up to all that it promises, but I definitely notice I have better hair days when I use it!

    I also use B and B's volumizing spray right before I begin to blowdry. That seems to help too.....as does their styling balm and/or creme. My salon is a B and B salon, so I have become a big fan of their products.

    Frederic Fekkai also has some great hair products.......
  3. I really like the volumizing shampoo and conditioner line from Pureology. My hair is super fine and wispy and blonde. This works really well to take away the flatness. I've also noticed that a good haircut with some layers helps my hair look thicker.
  4. Thanks! I'll go pick up some new shampoo during my next shopping trip!
  5. I use the volumizing shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase. I find their products in general very good.
  6. Phytovolume. Works great on my super thin, straight Asian hair.
  7. Bumble and Bumble is great, and Kerastase makes wonderful volumizing products as well

  8. Thanks Bonniec! I have Asian hair too so it doesn't have much volume by the end of the day, if there was even any in the morning.
  9. Ojon line is great - online at sephora...love it!
  10. Biolage from ulta!!! It's a lightweight shampoo and conditioner (and, it's on sale! :graucho: ) It was reccommended to me because my hair isn't very thick and the saleswoman (plus a customer there that was purchasing a ton of it lol) told me it would work really well. It works better than reg. shampoo, but, it's the volumizing spray that I put on when my hair is damp before I blow-dry that works like a dream!
  11. I never thought Bumble & Bumble was worth the $$. It didn't help my fine hair AT ALL!!

    I use Halo Thickening (Volumizing?). It's in the pink bottles.
  12. I recently tried kmscalifornia, which I picked up at my local Target, and it is awesome!!!
  13. ^^ ITA. KMS is an excellent buy for the price! I have their mousse, and it works really nicely.
  14. Alterna Life Restore!
  15. I do too! I have long black "asian" hair and sometimes its just really flat and silky... no volume... but if I use Kerastase.. "vava va voom..." lol