volume with GHD?

  1. hi all, just got my GHD today based on PFers recs! i havent started using it yet, watched couple vidoes about it. Some seem to mention "volume" but didnt specify how to create that.... does a FLAT iron really give u volume? has anyone been able to create volume with ur GHD? teach me ! =) :nuts:
  2. if you flat iron with a curl away your scalp then down you will be more volumized like [scalp'`````\] forgive my diagram but like away from the roots as opposed to going straight down... or you can always flatiron and set your hair on huge rollers....
  3. it is hard to explain. Take a small section of hair at teh top/back of your head for example; to make it a little boufant pull teh section towrds the ceiling w/ one hand tautly, then press the iron at the roots and iron it up towards your hand, as opposed to down towards the floor. If you twist the wrist just a bit at the root you'll lift the roots away from the scalp giving it volume.
  4. I gotta get me one of those.
  5. totally! LOL!
    It's my new best friend, that and my new Bespoke T3 blowdryer!:love:
  6. We should all write the company and be spokes people for this darn iron. :roflmfao:
  7. LOL Hubba...so true though. I love this iron. :tup:
  8. I'm so excited, I get mine in the mail tomorrow!!!!
  9. I can't wait too, a lil delay with mine (long story with my mom), should be getting it Monday the latest. YAY!
  10. so i tried out my GHD today.... and..... im so ashamed to say. I sucked at it! i have striaght hair so i was hoping to curl my hair with GHD. I got some volume alright, but my curls were all over the place it looked like a disaster, some of them didnt curl at all some curled too much, and i made my hair kind of.......frizzy and dry! im horrified!!!! :crybaby:how can this be???:hysteric:i really wanted to love it... but again i suck with hair, never been able to curl my whole head with a curling iron either. i think im gonna give it another try next few days or maybe go to sephora and see if any of their employee can demo for me, maybe im just not good at it. Im wondering also if the thermoprotector protects from the dryness the iron brings...
  11. It takes a little practice to be good at curling with a straightening iron! Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get it right! If not, definitely go to Sephora and ask them to show you. Also, have you watched the videos for GHD styler on www.sephora.com? They actually tell you which products to use and HOW to use the styler!! I found them extremely helpful!

    Here is the link:

    If your hair looks dry after using the iron, try using the heat protectant beforehand. GHD makes it and I heard its wonderful!

    Good luck with your iron! I got mine recently and LOVE it (especially for curling!)!!!
  12. LOL Same here!!! I am hoping to get a Bespoke T3 blowdryer soon, too! Can't tolerate spending a lot of time on my hair in the morning! :yes:
  13. I got mine today and I loveeeeeeee it! I tried on just after gym, my hair was already straight from yesterday's washing and I wanted to do curls. It is soooo easy, soft and smooth. All in all it took only 10 mins and I have very long hair. I wasn't intending for very neat looking curls, so I just do lil sections and tousled my hair when finished.. loveee it, very sexy look!

    I am sooo keeping this one! Worth every penny!
  14. YAY!!! Another GHD lover! LOL :yes:

  15. YEP!

    I waited 2 weeks to get my hands on the thing. There was a delay in getting it, I was supposed to get it last week, my fingers were itching to try the damn thing, LOL!
    I finally got it today and I took it to the gym with me. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!
    I used to dread washing my hair on my own, since I have really long hair that is almost to the waist (thick too!), I always always go to the salon for a quick wash and blow dry. Looks like I'll be cutting my salon budget now, yippee! Oh, and I can't wait to show the thing to my hairstylist! I told him about it last week, the price and such, and he told me not to bother with that price. Well, looks like I CAN prove him wrong, it is worth every damn penny! :yes: