Volume in hair? Side swept bangs?

  1. I have very thick long hair. If I try to get volume in general, my hair ends up BIG and if I just do my hair normal and try to get volume at the top only, it ends up flat after a little bit of time.

    How do you apply mouse or a volumizing spray to achieve the volume? Everytime I put mouse in my hands and run it through the top of my hair I feel like I am only getting it on top of the hair and not at the actual roots.

    Side swept bangs...the hairdresser can make my bangs look great and side swept but when I dry them they become too flat. Or I try doing them w/ a round brush and they end up curly and don't follow with the front lines of my hair so then Ill whip out the straightening iron and try that then they are too straight. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. I hear ya on the side swept bangs! WHy oh why can't mine look like in the magazines? They are either too short or too long hanging in my eyes
  3. When using the mousse, try turning your head upside down, and running your hands (with the mousse on them!) from right behind your ears up (or down, I guess...) to your crown. Then turn your hair back up right, and comb the mousse through the rest of your hair. Are you using it when your hair is wet? If not, this is a must!

    I've had side swept bangs for about three years, but I'm in the process of growing them out now. What works best for me is brushing my hair to the side continuously as it dries. It's a pain because it takes several minutes, so I usually don't mess with it. If you get too much curl, add a smoothing cream to give it some weight.

    I usually just let mine dry naturally, then run a curling iron over them to straighten them. It sounds silly, but it gives them just enough curl on the ends so they're not too flat.

    Good luck! ;)
  4. when i use the straightener in my bangs i do it slanted, at an angle so its closer up at the roots towards the middle of your face and lower at the side of your face, and i turn it inwards so i sortof curts the in but not really, i get good results MOST of the time but sometimes i can get carried away with turning the straightener inwards and it looks like a mess .. i hope you understnad what im saying : P
  5. lol I do the same exact thing...
    I love doing my bangs with a straightner when they turn out great though.
  6. I love my side swept bangs... I have thin fine her though... I use a big brush to blow dry them + a tiny amount of hair mouse of john frieda frizz ease...

    I also agree that if it all goes wrong, bring out the hair straightners!!!! works wonders!
  7. I use a brush like this one to blow dry my bangs:
  8. My girlfriend has natural side swept bangs. No mousse, brush/dryer required. It's cute.
  9. for my side swept bangs...blow dry them the opposite way and then do it the way you want them to go...do this back and forth...this with give them the volume and not make them flat!!!
  10. I need to get one of these.
  11. I do them the exact same way... and thn add a little bit of hairspray at the end, lasts all day!:tup:
  12. I have two cowlicks right on the front of my head. So i usually get my bangs to split in the middle if i don't wet them down run a light gel threw them and blow them dry to the side i want. then spray with a little spray wax and run a iron over them
  13. omg, thanks you for this thread. i recently got side swept bangs and have the same prob. thanks for the info gals.