Voltaire reveal !

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I bought the Voltaire in black/black today in Paris. But not really sure about keeping it. I'm a man, 6'' tall, afraid it would look weird on a guy. Why do you guys think ? Should I keep and enjoy ?

    Otherwise the bag is absolutely stunning in person, flawless. A real eye catcher !

    IMG_1494.JPG IMG_1495.JPG
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  2. It's gorgeous, congrats!

    I am a guy, 6'1 and have the exact same Voltaire, I don't think it looks weird on me at all. I would definitely keep it. :smile:
  3. Congratulations! I have the Voltaire in green. As a straight man, it works for me. Carry it with confidence. That's how I rock it.
  4. Thank you so much guys for your advices ! :smile:
  5. Well said! I have Voltaire in Burgundy. Never bothers me with this design nor color.

    Enjoy the bag!
  6. The gentleman in this photo from Goyard's Twitter account looks amazing with his Voltaire. I am sure that you will too. Congratulations!

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  7. I tried on that bag, but I tought it was too long for me. You kinda need to be quite tall if you want to wear it messenger style.
  8. Ooo I would love the voltaire as a travel bag and carry on, the more I see it the more I like it.